Home Gardening Classes by Rod Smith
at Portland Community College

Gardeners living in Portland or Washington County, Oregon can sign up for my Home Gardening classes through Portland Community College.

Classes meet from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights at the Willow Creek Center next to the Willow Creek MAX station, 241 SW Edgeway Drive, Room 205. Cost is $29 for an individual class or $129 for all seven classes in the Home Gardening series. The textbook for the class, The Art of Home Gardening, is available at class for $11.

The class schedule for Winter, 2017, is
Home Gardening Series
1/24 Landscaping for Wildlife
1/31 Landscape Plants for Wildlife
2/07 Fabulous Houseplants
2/14 Plant Propagation
2/21 Pruning
2/28 Best Soil for Healthy Plants
3/07 Water Wise Gardening

For class descriptions, go to Home Gardening Series with Rod Smith
The CRN for the entire series is 12738.

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