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Common and Scientific Names of Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Perennials, Herbs & Houseplants

Low = under 3 feet, Medium = 3 feet to 6 feet, Tall = over 6 feet

Low Summer Shrubs

Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure
Calluna vulgaris                 4 2' X 3'    Evergreen. Red, pink or white flow-
  Scotch Heather              Med. Sun          ers in summer. Needs drainage.   
Daboecia cantabrica              2 18" X 3'   Evergreen. Fine texture. Pink      
  Irish Bell Heath            Med. Sun          flowers June to October.         
Daphne x med. 'Lawrence Crocker' 6 1' X 1'    Evergreen. Very fragrant lavender  
  Lawrence Crocker Daphne     Med. Sun-Part     flowers Spring to Fall.          
Escallonia x 'Newport Dwarf'     7 2' X 3'    Evergreen. Clusters of red flowers 
  Newport Dwarf Escallonia    Low  Sun-Part     May to October. Attracts bees.   
Hebe species                     8 30" X 30"  Evergreen. Many leaf sizes and     
  Hebe                        Med. Sun-Part     colors. Blue to purple flowers.  
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Pia'      5 2' X 3'    Deciduous. Pink flowers in June to 
  Pink Elf Hydrangea          Med. Shade        September. Good cut flower.      
Philadelp. 'Miniature Snowflake' 4 2' X 2'    Deciduous. Fragrant white flowers  
  Min. Snowfl. Mockorange     Med. Sun-Part     in summer.                       
Rosa 'Flower Carpet'             5 1' X 5'    Evergreen. Very disease resistant. 
  Flower Carpet Rose          Med. Sun          Red, pink, yellow or coral.      
Spiraea bumalda 'Anthony Waterer 4 2' X 3'    Deciduous. Red flowers in June and 
  Anthony Waterer Spiraea     Med. Sun          again after a light shearing.    
Spiraea japonica 'Shirobana'     4 2' X 3'    Deciduous. Pink and white flowers  
  Shirobana Spirea            Med. Sun-Part     on same bush in summer.          

Medium Summer Shrubs

Scientific name         USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name               Water Exposure
Abelia grandiflora              6 5' X 5'   Evergreen. Pink or white flowers.
  Glossy Abelia              Med. Sun-Part    Arching branches can be sheared.
Blueberry                       7 5' X 5'   Deciduous. Edible blueberries in
  Blueberry                  High Sun-Part    summer. Red fall leaves.
Buddleia davidii                5 6' X 6'   Deciduous. Purple to pink flowers in
  Butterfly Bush             Low  Sun-Part    summer. Attracts butterflies.
Buddleia davidii'Nanohensis'    5 3' X 3'   Deciduous. Blue-green leaves. Sum-
  Dwarf Butterfly Bush       Low  Sun         mer flowers attrack butterflies.
Callistemon citri. 'Little John' 8 3' X 5'    Evergreen. Red flowers in summer.  
  Dwarf Bottlebrush           Med. Sun                                           
Caryopteris x clandonensis      5 2' X 2'   Deciduous. Some have silvery
  Bluebeard                  Low  Sun         leaves. Blue flowers in summer.
Ceanothus impressus             9 5' X 5'   Evergreen. Small leaves. Blue
  Santa Barbara Ceanothus    Low  Sun-Part    flowers in June.
Cistus species                  8 3-5' X 5' White to purple two-tone flowers
  Rockrose                   Low  Sun         May-July. Tolerates salt & wind.
Daphne transatlan. 'Jim's Pride' 6 3' X 3'    Semi-evergreen. Easy to grow Daphne
  Jim's Pride Daphne          Med. Part Shade   Fragrant white flowers May-August
Dichroa febrifuga                8 6' X 6'    Evergreen. Large flowers are usual-
  Dichroa                     High Shade        ly blue, but vary with soil pH.  
Dichroa versico. 'Blue Flowered' 8 6' X 6'    Evergreen. Blue flower color may   
  Blue Flowered Dichroa       High Shade        vary with soil pH.               
Escallonia exoniensis           7 5' X 5'   Evergreen. Clusters of pink or red
  Escallonia                 Low  Sun-Part    flowers May-August. Attracts bees
Gardenia jasmin. 'Kleim's Hardy' 7 3' X 3'    Evergreen. Fragrant creamy yellow  
  Kleim's Hardy Gardenia      Med. Sun-Part     flowers in late spring and summer
Hibiscus mutabilis 'Rubrus'     7 4' X 3'   Deciduous. Dies down to the ground.
  Confederate Rose           Med. Sun         Red flowers in summer.
Hydrangea macrophylla           7 6' X 4'   Deciduous. Large flowers in June to
  Big Leafed Hydrangea       Med. Shade       September. Good cut flowers.
Hydrangea quercifolia           5 5' X 5'   Deciduous. Creamy white flower
  Oakleaf Hydrangea          Med. Sun-Part    clusters in June. Red fall leaves
Lonicera nitida                  7 5' X 5'    Evergreen. Green, yellow or reddish
  Box Honeysuckle             Med. Sun-Part     leaves. White flowers in June.   
Musa basjoo                      7 8' X 5'    Large bluish leaves. Large yellow  
  Hardy Japanese Banana       Med. Sun-Part     flowers in summer.               
Philadelphus virginalis         4 6' X 2'   Deciduous. Fragrant whte flowers in
  Virginal Mockorange        Med. Sun         June to August.
Physocarpus capitatus            2 6' X 6'    Native. White flowers in spring.   
  Native Ninebark             Med. Sun-Shade    Tolerates wet to medium soil. PNP
Pittosporum tenuifo. 'Golf Ball' 8 3' X 3'    Evergreen. Dense and compact with  
  Golf Ball Kohuhu            Med. Sun-Part     mint green leaves. Purple flowers
Potentilla fruticosa            5 3' X 3'   Deciduous. Yellow flowers all
  Potentilla                 Med. Sun         summer.
Rosa                            5 4' X 3'   Deciduous. Many sizes and styles of
  Rose                       Med. Sun         flowers in many colors all summer
Rosa nutkana                     5 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. Pink roses in    
  Nootka Rose                 Low  Sun-Part     June. Orange hips in fall.    PNP
Rosa rugosa                      3 5' X 5'    Deciduous. White to red flowers.   
  Japanese Rose               Med. Sun-Part     Red fruit. Disease resistant.    
Salix purpurea nana              4 3' X 3'    Deciduous. Small bluish leaves on  
  Dwf. Alaskan Blue Willow    High Sun          purplish branches.               
Sambucus canadensis 'Variegata' 4 6' X 5'   Deciduous. Yellow edged leaves.
  Variegated Elberberry      Med. Sun-Part    Creamy white flowers in summer.
Senecio greyi                    8 4' X 4'    Silvery gray leaves. Yellow daisies
  Daisy Bush                  Low  Sun          in Summer. Good cut foilage.     
Sorbaria sorbifolia             2 5' X 5'   Deciduous. Large clusters of tiny
  Ash Leaf Spirea            Med. Sun-Part    white flowers. Trim hard.
Spiraea cantonensis             4 3' X 3'   Deciduous. Pink, double flowers in
  Reeves Spiraea             Med. Sun         summer.
Spiraea douglasi                 4 6' X 5'    Native. Clusters of pink flowers in
  Hardhack Spirea             Med. Sun-Part     summer. White leaf underside. PNP
Vaccinium corymbosum             4 5' X 5'    Deciduous. Delicious fruit in Sum- 
  Blueberry                   High Sun-Part     mer. Red fall leaves.            
Weigela florida                 5 6' X 6'   Deciduous. Fragrant white, pink or
  Weigela                    Med. Sun-Shade   red flowers all summer.
Yucca recurvifolia              7 6' X 3'   Evergreen. Single trunk. Blue green
  Yucca                      Low  Sun         leaves. White flowers in June.

Tall Summer Shrubs

Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure
Calycanthus floridus             5 10' X 6'   Deciduous. Fragrant maroon flowers 
  Carolina Allspice           Med. Sun-Shade    in Summer.                       
Cotinus coggygria                5 15' X 12'  Deciduous. Flower stalks like smoke
  Smoke Tree                  Low  Sun-Part     in July. Green to purple leaves. 
Hibiscus syriacus                5 8' X 6'    Deciduous. Large red, pink, blue or
  Rose Of Sharon              Med. Sun-Part     white flowers June to August.    
Hydrangea panicul. 'Grandiflora' 4 12' X 8'   Deciduous. Flowers are long cones  
  Peegee Hydrangea            Med. Sun-Part     of white in summer.              
Hydrangea quercifolia            6 8' X 8'    Deciduous. Creamy white flower     
  Oakleaf Hydrangea           Med. Sun-Part     clusters in June. Red fall leaves
Kolkwitzia amabilis              5 10' X 8'   Deciduous. Upright t arching. Pink 
  Beauty Bush                 Med. Sun-Part     and yellow flowers in June.      
Lagerstroemia indica             7 10' X 6'   Deciduous. Spikes of white, pink or
  Crape Myrtle                Low  Sun          red flowers in August. Needs heat
Leycesteria form. "Golden Lanter 6 3' X 3'    Deciduous. Purple flowers in summer
  Golden Lanterns Leyceste    Med. Sun-Part     produce purple berries.          
Ligustrum japonicum 'Texanum'    7 7' X 6'    Evergreen. Dark green leaves.      
  Waxleaf Privet              Med. Sun          Fragrant white flowers in June.  
Philadelphus lewisii             4 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Fragrant white   
  Native Mockorange           Low  Sun-Part     flowers in summer. Yellow in fall
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