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But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit." Jeremiah 17:7,8

Fall Tree Color

by Rod Smith

© 2006-2017 Rodney A. Smith
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Common and Scientific Names of Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Perennials, Herbs & Houseplants

Low = under 15 feet, Medium = 15 feet to 25 feet, Tall = over 25 feet

Medium Fall Trees

Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure
Acer buergeranum                 6 20' X 20'  Rounded shape. Red/orange leaves in
  Trident Maple               Med. Sun-Part     Fall.                            
Acer campestre                   5 30' X 30'  Dense, rounded, tough tree. Corky  
  Hedge Maple                 Med. Sun-Part     bark. Yellow Fall leaves.        
Acer circinatum                  6 15' X 10'  Native tree with multiple trunks.  
  Vine Maple                  Med. Sun-Part     Red Fall leaves.              PNP
Acer ginnala                     2 20' X 20'  Vase shaped tree. Small leaves turn
  Amur Maple                  Med. Sun-Part     bright orange in Fall.           
Acer griseum                     5 25' X 20'  Reddish brown bark peels like      
  Paper Bark Maple            Med. Sun-Part     paper. Brilliant red in Fall.    
Acer japonicum                   5 20' X 15'  Outstanding orange-red leaves in   
  Full Moon Maple             Med. Sun-Part     the Fall.                        
Acer tataricum                   3 25' X 20'  Oval to rounded shape. Yellow to   
  Tatarian Maple              Med. Sun          orange-red Fall leaves.          
Betula pendula 'Youngii'         2 15' X 20'  Asymmetric weeping shape. Yellow   
  Weeping European Birch      Med. Sun          Fall leaves.                     
Cercidiphyllum japonicum pendula 5 25' X 20'  Weeping Shape. Bronzy new leaves   
  Weeping Katsura Tree        Med  Sun-Part     turn orange or yellow in the Fall
Rhus typhina                     4 15' X 10'  Open and irregular growth. Red     
  Staghorn Sumac              Low  Sun-Shade    leaves and berries in the Fall.  

Tall Fall Trees

Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure
Acer macrophyllum                5 50' X 30'  Native. Large spreading tree with  
  Bigleaf Maple               Med. Sun-Part     big leaves. Yellow in Fall.   PNP
Acer miyabei                     4 50' X 35'  Drought and cold tolerant. Clean,  
  Miyabei Maple               Med. Sun          pest free foliage. Yellow in fall
Acer platanoides                 4 40' X 30'  Upright oval shape. Red to orange- 
  Norway Maple                Med. Sun          red leaves in Fall.              
Acer rubrum                      3 40' X 30'  Pyramidal shape. Bright red leaves 
  Red Maple                   Med. Sun          in the Fall.                     
Acer rubrum 'Armstrong'          3 45' X 15'  Fast growing. Columnar shape.      
  Armstrong Red Maple         Med. Sun          Yellow to red Fall leaves.       
Acer saccharinum                 3 55' X 40'  Fast growing. Upright oval shape.  
  Silver Maple                Med. Sun          Yellow Fall leaves.              
Acer saccharum                   4 45' X 40'  Broad rounded shape. Orange or red 
  Sugar Maple                 Med. Sun          Fall leaves. Very thick shade.   
Aesculus hippocastanum           3 50' X 50'  Large rounded shape. Large inedible
  Horsechestnut               Med. Sun          nuts. Yellow fall leaves.        
Alnus rubra                      4 50' X 30'  Native. Fast growing. Likes wet    
  Red Alder                   High Sun-Part     soil. Yellow Fall leaves.     PNP
Betula nigra                     4 40' X 35'  Bark peels to tan/orange. Resistant
  River Birch                 Med. Sun          to bronze birch borer.           
Betula papyrifera                2 50' X 35'  Oval shape. White bark. Yellow Fall
  Paper Or Canoe Birch        Med. Sun          leaves. Resistant to birch borer.
Betula pendula                   2 45' X 30'  White bark. Yellow Fall leaves.    
  European White Birch        Med. Sun-Part     Drooping branch tips.            
Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'    5 35' X 25'  Dense columnar tree. Yellow in Fall
  Colum. European Hornbeam    Med. Sun          Almost insect and disease free.  
Cercidiphyllum japonicum         5 40' X 40'  Bronzy new leaves in Spring turn   
  Katsura Tree                Med. Sun-Shade    orange or yellow in the Fall.    
Fraxinus americana               4 45' X 30'  Bronze to purple fall color. Named 
  White Ash                   Med. Sun          varieties are seedless.          
Fraxinus oxycarpa 'Raywood'      6 45' X 30'  Fast growing. Pest free. Red leaves
  Raywood Ash                 Low  Sun          in fall.                         
Ginkgo biloba                    4 45' X 35'  Large pyramidal shape. Pest free.  
  Maidenhair Tree             Med. Sun-Part     Yellow leaves in fall.           
Ginkgo biloba 'Princeton Sentry' 4 40' X 15'  Narrow pyramidal shape. Bright yel-
  Princeton Sentry Ginkgo     Med. Sun          low Fall leaves. Seedless.       
Gleditsia tricanthos inermis     4 40' X 35'  Open, irregular shape gives light  
  Thornless Honeylocust       Med. Sun-Part     shade. Yellow Fall leaves.       
Gymnocladus dioicus              4 50' X 35'  Large doubly compound leaves drop  
  Kentucky Coffee Tree        Med. Sun          to allow filtered sun in winter. 
Liquidambar styraciflua          5 45' X 30'  Pyramidal shape. Beautiful red,    
  Sweetgum                    Low  Sun-Part     orange and yellow leaves in Fall.
Nyssa sylvatica                  5 30' X 20'  Tolerates poor soil and drought.   
  Black Gum, Tupelo           Any  Sun-Part     Outstanding red leaves in Fall.  
Oxydendrum arboreum              5 40' X 25' Clusters of white flowers in July. 
  Sourwood                    Med. Sun         Brilliant orange/red Fall leaves.
Parrotia persica                 5 30' X 20'  Yellow/pink/scarlet fall leaves.   
  Persian Witchhazel          Med. Sun          Flaking gray and white bark.     
Platanus acerifolia              5 50' X 40'  Fast growing. Flaking bark makes a 
  London Plane Tree           Med. Sun          multi-colored trunk. Yellow Fall.
Populus nigra 'Italica'          4 60' X 15'  Tall, narrow, upright tree. Fast   
  Lombardy Poplar             Med. Sun          growing. Yellow in fall.         
Populus tremuloides              3 30' X 15'  Native. Leaves flutter in a slight 
  Quaking Aspen               Med. Sun-Part     breeze. Golden Fall leaves.   PNP
Quercus bicolor                  4 45' X 45'  Leaves are silvery white underneath
  Swamp White Oak             Med. Sun          then turn red in the fall.       
Quercus coccinea                 4 50' X 40'  Rounded shape. Leaves red in fall, 
  Scarlet Oak                 Low  Low          brown in Winter.                 
Quercus garryana                 6 60' X 30'  Native. Tolerates occasional flood 
  Oregon White Oak            Med. Sun          and drought. Red Fall leaves. PNP
Quercus palustris                4 55' X 40'  Pyramidal shape. Leaves turn red in
  Pin Oak                     Low  Sun          the Fall, brown in Winter.       
Quercus rubra                    4 50' X 40'  Rounded shape. Leaves turn dark red
  Red Oak                     Low  Sun          in Fall.                         
Salix babylonica                 5 35' X 25'  Rounded and weeping shape. Likes   
  Weeping Willow              High Sun          wet soil. Yellow Fall leaves.    
Tilia cordata                    3 40' X 25'  Densely pyramidal. Yellow fall     
  Little Leaf Linden          Med. Sun-Part     leaves.                          
Zelkova serrata                  5 45' X 30'  Replacement for American Elm.      
  Zelkova                     Med. Sun-Part     Yellow Fall leaves               
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