Naturescaping Plants for Wildlife

by Rod Smith

© 2017-2023 Rodney A. Smith
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Scientific name               Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure   WL=Wildlife  PNP=Portland Native Plant List
Achillea millefolium           3-8 30" X 2'   Native. White, flat flowers in sum-
  Common Yarrow               Low  Sun-Part     mer, good cut. WL butterflies PNP
Anaphalis margaritacea           3 2' X 1'    Native. Gray-green leaves. Papery
  Pearly Everlasting           L-M Sun          white flowers.  WL butterfly  PNP
Aquilegia formosa                3 2' X 1'    Native. Red flowers in May to Aug.
  Western Columbine           Low  Part Sun     Attracts hummingbirds.        PNP
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi          2 8" X 4'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers.
  Kinnikinnick                Low  Sun-Part     Berries. WL bird bees butrfly PNP
Armeria maritima                 4 10" X 1'   Native evergreen. Pink or white
  Sea Thrift                  Med. Sun-Part     flowers. WL hummingbird butterfly
Aruncus sylvester                4 3' X 3'    Native. Creamy white flowers in PNP
  Goatsbeard                  Med. Shade-Part   June to July. WL bird bee butrfly
Asclepias speciosa               4 4' X 3'    Native. Lilac flowers July to Sept.
  Showy Milkweed              Med. Sun                WL hummingbirds butterflies
Aster subspicatus                5 2' X 2'    Native. Drought tolerant. Purple
  Douglas Aster               Med. Sun          flowers. WL hummingbird butterfly
Balsamorhiza sagittata           4 15" X 15"  Native. Drought tolerant. Yellow
  Arrowleaf Balsamroot        Low  Sun          spring flowers. WL insect butrfly
Campanula rotundifolia           4 15" X 1'   Blue bell shaped flowers. Drought
  Bellflower                  Low  Sun-Part     tolerant. WL hummingbirds butrfly
Carex obnupta                    5 2' X 2'    Native. Grass-like. Spreads easily.
  Slough Sedge                M-H  Sun-Part     Great erosion control.   WL birds
Carex tumulicola                 8 18" X 18"  Native evergreen grass. Tuft of
  Berkeley Sedge              Med. Sun-Part     narrow green leaves. WL birds PNP
Cornus canadensis                1 3" X 2'    Native. White flowers in spring.
  Bunchberry                  Med. Sun-Shade    Red berries. WL birds butrfly PNP
Dicentra formosa                 3 12" X 18"  Native. Dark fern-like leaves. Pink
  Western Bleeding Heart      Low  Shade-Part   flowers. WL butrfly hummingb. PNP
Echinacea purpurea               4 2' X 3'    Showy flowers of drooping purple
  Purple Coneflower           Med. Sun-Part     petals in summer. WL bird butrfly
Echinops exaltatus               4 3' X 1'    Coarse, gray-green leaves. Steel
  Globe thistle               Med. Sun          blue flowers. WL bird butterflies
Eleocharis palustris             4 3' X 3'    Native wetland plant. Seed heads on
  Creeping Spike-rush         High Sun	        3' spikes.    WL birds amphibians
Elymus glaucus                   4 2' X 2'    Native. Dense clumps of blue gray
  Blue Wild Rye               Low  Sun-Part     grass.               WL birds PNP
Eriogonum umbellatum             4 3' X 2'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Sulphur Flower              Low  Sun          Yellow flowers. WL bird butterfly
Eryngium amethystinum            4 2' X 1'    Thistle-like plant. Steel blue or
  Sea holly                   Low  Sun          amethyst flowers.  WL butterflies
Festuca idahoensis               5 1' X 1'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Idaho Fescue                Low  Sun          Blue foliage.  WL birds butterfly
Festuca roemeri                  7 2' X 2'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Roemer's Fescue             Low  Sun          Blue foliage.  WL birds butterfly
Fragaria chiloensis              4 6" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover. White
  Wild Strawberry             Med. Sun-Part     flowers. Berries.   WL birds bees
Fragaria vesca                   6 6" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover.   PNP
  Wood Strawberry             Low  Sun-Part     Drought tolerant.   WL birds bees
Fragaria virginiana              5 6" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover.   PNP
  Wild Strawberry             Low  Sun-Part     Drought tolerant.   WL birds bees
Gaillardia aristata              3 2' X 2'    Native. Daisy-like yellow, bronze
  Blanket Flower              Low  Sun          or red flowers. WL bird butterfly
Gaultheria ovatifolia            8 3" X 12"   Native evergreen groundcover. Pink
  Oregon Wintergreen          High Part Sun     flowers. Red berries.    WL birds
Heuchera micrantha               4 18" X 18"  Native. Drought tolerant. White
  Alum Root                   Low  Sun-Part     flowers May-Aug.  WL hummingbirds
Iris dougasiana                  5 15" X 15"  Native. Cream to purple flowers PNP
  Douglas iris                Med. Shade-Part   in May. WL hummingbirds butterfly
Juncus ensofolius                5 2' X 2'    Native evergreen. Tolerates wet
  Common Rush                 Med. Sun          soil.                WL birds PNP
Lupinus rivularis                  2' X 2'    Native. Purple-blue flowers in  PNP
  Stream-bank Lupine          Med. Part Sun     spring. WL hummingbird butterfly
Monarda didyma                   4 2' X 18"   White, scarlet, or purple flowers
  Bee balm, Bergamot          Med. Sun          Jun-Aug. WL butterflies hummingb.
Penstemon richardsonii             2' X 2'    Native. Pinkish flowers in late
  Richardson's Penstemon      Med. Part Sun     summer.  WL hummingbird butterfly
Penstemon serrulatus               18" X 18"  Native. Purple flowers in summer.PNP
  Cascade Penstemon           Med. Part Sun      WL hummingbirds butterflies bees
Phygelius capensis               7 3' X 3'    Red, coral, pink or yellow tubular
  Cape Fuchsia                Low  Sun-Shade    flowers all summer. WL hummingbi.
Rubus pedatus                    4 2" X 6'    Evergreen groundcover. Small white
  Trailing Raspberry          Low  Sun-Part     flowers. Fruit.  WL birds mammals
Rubus pentalobus                 7 6" X 3'    Evergreen groundcover. Small white
  Creeping Raspberry          Low  Sun-Part     flowers. Edible fruit.   WL birds
Scabiosa columbaria              5 18" X 18"  Blue, pink or white flowers June to
  Pincushion                  Low  Sun-Part     frost. WL hummingbird butterflies
Scirpus microcarpus              5 3' X 3'    Native wetland plant. White flowers
  Small Flowered Bulrush      High Sun-Part     in summer.           WL birds PNP
Sedum lanceolatum                5 3" X 1'    Native groundcover. Yellow flowers
  Stonecrop                   Low  Sun          in late spring.    WL butterflies
Sedum oreganum                   7 3" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover.
  Oregon Stonecrop            L-M  Sun          Yellow summer flowers. WL butrfly
Sedum spathulifolium             5 4" X 4"    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Stonecrop                   Low  Sun-Part     Yellow flowers.    WL butterflies
Sidalcea campestris              7 4' X 18"   Pink or red flowers resemble holly-
  Meadow Checkermallow        Med. Sun-Part     hocks. WL hummingbird butterflies
Smilacina racemosa               3 3' X 1'    Tall plumes of fuzzy white flowers.
  False Solomon's Seal        M-H  Shade-Part   Speckled fruit.      WL birds PNP
Smilacina stellata               3 18" x 18"  Native. White flowers in spring to
  Starry False Solom. Seal    M-H  Shade-Part   summer. Fruit.       WL birds PNP
Solidago canadensis              4 3' X 3'    Native. Drought tolerant. Yellow
  Goldenrod                   Low  Sun          flower. WL birds bees butrfly PNP
Thymus species                   4 4" X 1'    Aromatic leaves with tiny red to
  Thyme                       Low  Sun-Part     blue flowers. WL bees butterflies
Typha latifolia                  4 6' X 4'    Native bog plant. Makes thick
  Cattails                    High Sun          clumps in moist soil. WL bird PNP

Amelanchier alnifolia            4 10' X 6'   Native. White flowers in Spring.PNP
  Saskatoon,Serviceberry      Med. Sun-Part     Berries. WL birds mammals butrfly
Arbutus unedo 'Compacta'         7 8' X 6'    Evergreen. Pink flowers. Edible red
  Compact Strawberry Tree     Low  Sun-Shade    fruit.WL butterflies hummingbirds
Arctostaphylos columbiana        7 6' X 6'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers.
  Hairy Manzanita             Low  Sun               WL birds butterflies mammals
Azalea occidentale               4 5' X 5'    Native deciduous. Fragrant pink
  Western Azalea              Med. Sun-Part     flowers. WL hummingbird butterfly
Berberis thunbergii              4 5' X 5'    Yellow flowers and red berries.
  Japanese Barberry           Med. Sun-Part     Thorns.      WL birds butterflies
Berberis verruculosa             6 3'X 3'     Evergreen. Purplish flowers. Black
  Warty Barberry              Med. Sun          berries. Thorns. WL birds butrfly
Ceanothus integerrimus           5 8' X 6'    Native evergreen. Blue flowers.
  Mountain Lilac, Deer Brush  Low  Sun-Part      WL hummingbirds butterflies deer
Ceanothus velutinus var laeve.   1 15" X 15"  Native evergreen. White flower. PNP
  Mountain Balm               Low  Sun           WL hummingbirds butterflies deer
Cornus stolonifera               3 8' X 8'    Native deciduous. White flowers.
  Red Osier Dogwood           Med. Sun-Part     Berries. WL birds butterflies PNP
Corylus cornuta var. califor.    3 20' X 20'  Native deciduous. Suckers freely.
  Hazelnut                    Med. Sun-Part     for hedge. Fall yellow.WL mammals
Cotoneaster horizontalis         5 2' X 4'    Evergreen. White flowers in Spring.
  Cotoneaster                 Low  Sun-Shade    Red/orange berries. WL birds bees
Escallonia exoniensis            7 5' X 5'    Evergreen. Pink or red flowers May-
  Escallonia                  Med. Sun-Part     August.  WL butterflies hummers
Fuchsia magellanica              4 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. Violet, white and
  Hardy Fuchsia               High Part Shade   red flowers. WL birds butterflies
Garrya elliptica                 5 8' X 8'    Native evergreen. Leaves with woolly
  Coast Silk Tassel           Low  Sun-Part     catkins Jan. WL birds butterflies
Gaultheria shallon               6 2' X 3'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers in
  Salal                       L-M  Sun-Shade    spring.  WL birds butterflies PNP
Holodiscus discolor              4 12' X 10'  Native deciduous. White flower in
  Oceanspray                  Low  Sun-Part     spring. WL birds butterflies  PNP
Juniperus communis               3 1' X 6'    Evergreen. Many forms. Very drought
  Common Juniper              Low  Sun          tolerant. Berries.       WL birds
Lavandula species                6 3' X 3'    Evergreen. Gray leaves with flowers
  Lavender                    Low  Sun          July-Aug.  WL butterflies hummers
Lonicera involucrata             3 8' X 7'    Native deciduous. Yellow flowers in
  Black Twinberry             Med. Sun-Part     May. Berries.  WL birds butterfly
Mahonia aquifolium               5 5' X 3'    Native evergreen. Yellow flowers in
  Oregon Grape                Low  Sun-Shade    March. WL birds butterflies   PNP
Mahonia nervosa                  6 2' X 3'    Native evergreen. Yellow flowers in
  Leatherleaf Mahonia         L-M  Shade-Part   spring. WL birds butterflies. PNP
Mahonia repens                   4 2' X 3'    Native evergreen. Yellow flowers in
  Leatherleaf Mahonia         Low  Shade-Part   spring. Berries. WL birds butterfly
Myrica californica               7 10' X 8'   Native evergreen. Excellent hedge
  California Wax Myrtle       Low  Sun-Shade    or screen. Berries. WL birds deer
Oemleria cerasiformis            6 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Drought Tolerant.
  Indian Plum                 Low  Shade-Part   Yellow flower.WL birds mammal PNP
Philadelphus lewisii             4 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Fragrant white
  Native Mockorange           Low  Sun-Part     flowers. WL birds butterflies PNP
Physocarpus capitatus            2 6' X 6'    Native deciduous. White flowers in
  Native Ninebark             Med. Sun-Shade    spring. Wet soil OK. WL birds PNP
Potentilla fruticosa             3 3' X 3'    Deciduous. Yellow flowers all
  Potentilla                  Med. Sun          summer.      WL birds butterflies
Prunus virginiana                2 15' X 10'  Native deciduous. Clusters of white
  Choke Cherry                Med. Sun-Part     flower. Berries. WL birds butterfly
Rhododendron macrophyllum        5 8' x 8'    Native Evergreen. Pink flowers in
  Pacific Rhododendron        Med. Shade-Part   late spring.  WL bird bee butterfly
Ribes sanguineum                    5 6' X 4'    Native deciduous. Red flowers.
  Red Flowering Currant       L-M  Sun-Shade    Berries.   WL birds butterfly PNP
Rosa nutkana                     5 5' X 5'    Native deciduous. Pink roses in
  Nootka Rose                 L-M  Sun-Part     June. WL bird butrfly mammals PNP
Rosa woodsii                     5 6' x 6'    Native deciduous. Pink flowers in
  Wood's Rose                 Med. Sun-Part     Summer. WL bird butterfly mammals
Rubus parviflorus                3 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. White flowers in
  Thimbleberry                L-M  Sun-Shade    May. Berries. WL bird butrfly PNP
Rubus spectabilis                7 5' X 5'    Native deciduous. Deep pink flowers
  Salmonberry                 M-H  Sun-Part     WL birds butterflies mammals  PNP
Sambucus cerulea                 4 12' X 8'   Native deciduous. Drought tolerant.
  Blue Elderberry             Low  Sun-Part     WL birds bees butterflies mammals
Sambucus racemosa                4 12' X 10'  Native deciduous. Drought tolerant.
  Red Elderberry              Low  Sun          WL birds bees butterflies mammals
Shepherdia argenteus             2 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Silver gray. Red
  Silver Buffalo Berry        Any  Sun-Part     berries.         WL birds mammals
Sorbus scopulina                 3 10' X 10'  Native deciduous. Drougnt tolerant.
  Cascade Mountain Ash        Low  Sun          White flowers. WL birds butterfly
Spiraea douglasi                 4 5' X 4'    Native deciduous. Clusters of pink
  Hardhack Spirea             Med. Sun-Part     flowers. WL birds butterflies PNP
Symphoricarpos albus             3 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. White flowers in
  Common Snowberry            Low  Sun-Shade    May. Berries. WL bird butrfly PNP
Vaccinium membranaceum           5 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. Drought tolerant.
  Thin-leaf Huckleberry       Low  Shade        White flowers.      WL birds bees
Vaccinium ovatum                 7 4' X 4'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers.
  Evergreen Huckleberry       Med. -Shade-Part  Berries. WL birds butterflies PNP
Vaccinium parvifolium            5 6' X 6'    Native deciduous. Pink flowers in
  Red Huckleberry             Med. Part Shade   Berries.WL birds bees butrfly PNP
Viburnum trilobum                2 10' X 10'  Native deciduous. White flowers in
  High Bush Cranberry         Med. Sun-Part     spring. Fruit.   WL birds mammals

Abies grandis                    5 200' X 40' Native pyramidal evergreen. Likes
  Grand Fir                   Med. Sun-Part     cool soil.WL birds,butterfly  PNP
Abies procera                    5 90' X 20'  Native pyramidal evergreen. Short
  Noble Fir                   Med. Sun-Part     stiff branches. WL birds, butterfly
Acer circinatum                  6 15' X 10'  Native tree with multiple trunks.
  Vine Maple                  Med. Sun-Part     Red Fall leaves.WL birds bees PNP
Acer macrophyllum                5 70' X 30'  Native. Large tree with big leaves.
  Bigleaf Maple               L-M  Shade-Part   Yellow in Fall. WL birds bees PNP
Alnus rubra                      4 80' X 40'  Native. Fast growing. Yellow fall
  Red Alder                   High Sun-Part     leaves.      WL birds butterflies
Arbutus menziesii                3 40' X 40'  Native evergreen. White flowers in
  Madrona                     Low  Sun-Part     Spring.  WL birds butrfly mammals
Betula papyrifera                2 50' X 35'  Oval shape. White bark. Yellow fall
  Paper Or Canoe Birch        Med. Sun          leaves.      WL birds butterflies
Calocedrus decurrens             6 75' X 20'  Native pyramidal evergreen. Fra-
  Incense Cedar               Low  Sun-Part     grant twigs.     WL birds mammals
Cornus nuttallii                 4 40' X 20'  Native. Large white flowers in May.
  Pacific Dogwood             Low  Sun-Part     Red Fall. WL bird butterflies PNP
Corylus cornuta                    12' X 10'  Native. Edible nuts called filberts.
  Western Hazelnut            Med  Sun-Part                 WL birds, mammals PNP
Crataegus douglasii              5 30'X 20'   Native. Clusters of white flowers.
  Oregon Hawthorn             Med. Sun-Part     Berries.     WL birds butterflies
Juniperus scopulorum             3 15' X 8'   Pyramidal evergreen. Silvery blue
  Rocky Mountain Juniper      Low  Sun          needles.    WL birds butterflies
Malus fusca                      4 25' X 25'  Native. White flowers in spring.
  Pacific Crabapple           Med. Sun-Part     Fruit.      WL birds butterflies
Picea sitchensis                 5 150' X 30' Native pyramidal evergreen. Moist
  Sitka Spruce                L-M  Sun-Part     but drained soil.   WL birds PNP
Pinus contorta contorta          5 25' X 25'  Native rounded evergreen. Drought
  Shore Pine                  Low  Sun          and salt tolerant.WL bird butterfly
Pinus contorta latifolia         4 80' X 20'  Native evergreen. Tall narrow tree.
  Lodgepole Pine              Low  Sun          Short needles.   WL birds mammals
Pinus contorta murrayana         4 60' X 25'  Native evergreen. Slow growing.
  Murrayana Pine              Low  Sun          Narrow in groves.WL birds mammals
Pinus ponderosa                  3 100' X 30' Native evergreen. Long needles. PNP
  Ponderosa Pine              Low  Sun          Black and orange bark.   WL birds
Populus tremuloides              3 30' X 15'  Native. Leaves flutter in a slight
  Quaking Aspen               Med. Sun-Part     breeze.  WL birds butterflies PNP
Prunus emarginata 'mollis'       4 70' X 30'  Native. Small white flowers. Small
  Bitter Cherry               Med. Sun-Shade    cherries. WL bird butrfly mammals
Pseudotsuga menziesii            4 200' X 50' Native pyramidal evergreen. Fast
  Douglas Fir                 L-M  Sun-Part     growing. WL birds,butterflies PNP
Quercus garryana                 6 65' X 50'  Native. Red fall leaves. Needs  PNP
  Oregon White Oak            Low  Sun          drainage. WL bird butrfly mammals
Rhus glabra			 3 12' X 15'  Native. Drought tolerant. Red fall
  Smooth Sumac                Low  Sun          leaves. Berries. WL birds butterfly
Salix spp.                       3 30' X 30'  Native. Used to stabilize stream
  Native Willows              High Sun          banks.   WL birds butrfly mammals
Thuja plicata                    5 100' X 30' Native evergreen. Narrow with
  Western Red Cedar           Any  Shade-Part   drooping branches.   WL birds PNP
Tilia cordata                    3 40' X 25'  Densely pyramidal. Yellow fall
  Little Leaf Linden          Med. Sun-Part     leaves.           WL hummingbirds
Tsuga heterophylla               4 60' X 20'  Native pyramidal evergreen. White 
  Western Hemlock             Med. Sun          needles. WL birds,butterflies PNP
Tsuga mertensiana                4 30' X 15'  Native evergreen. Slow growing.
  Mountain Hemlock            Med. Sun-Part     Thrives on cool slope.   WL birds

Native Vines
Lonicera cilosa                  5 15' X 15'  Native deciduous. Orange-yellow
  Orange Honeysuckle          Low  shade        flowers.     WL birds butterflies
Lonicera hispidula               5 12' X 12'  Native. Drought tolerant. Pink
  Hairy Honeysuckle           Low  Sun-Part     flowers in summer.       WL birds
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