Reducing Crime

by Rod Smith

© 2001-2023 Rodney A. Smith

My friend says that we could reduce crime by legalizing marijuana. He has a point, but he just doesn't see the big picture. Just think how much more we could reduce crime by legalizing cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.

Of course, legalizing drugs would increase drug use and people would have to pay for the additional drugs. Since people on drugs have more trouble keeping a job, they may turn to illegal means of making money.

This could be an additonal way to reduce crime. For unemployed and blue collar workers, we could legalize stealing. For white collar workers, we could legalize embezzling. For CEOs, we could legalize hostile takeovers.

Just think of the drastic drop in crime statistics if we legalize drugs and stealing. My friend just doesn't see the big picture, which is: just like stealing, drugs are illegal because they are harmful to individuals and to society as a whole.

Because drug abuse steals a persons ability to think and reason clearly. When another friend quit marijuana, he said it was like slowly coming out of a fog for months. He had no idea how much it affected his ability to think and feel.

Disclaimer. This is meant to be a half serious, half humorous look at the subject of recreational drug abuse. For serious information go to Teen Challenge.

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