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Oregon Native Landscape Plants

by Rod Smith
Oregon Certified Nursery Professional

© 2008-2018 Rodney A. Smith
All rights reserved.
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Common and Scientific Names of Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Perennials, Herbs & Houseplants
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PNP indicates that the plant is included in the Portland Native Plant list.

Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure

Achillea millefolium             3 30" X 2'   Native. White, flat flowers in sum-
  Common Yarrow               Low  Sun-Part     mer. Good cut/dried flowers.  PNP
Adiantum aleuticum               5 18" X 18"  Native. Delicate looking leaves    
  Western Maidenhair Fern     Med. Shade        with black stems.                
Alisma plantago-aquatica         5 12" X 12"  Native. White flowers in June.     
  Water Plaintain             High Sun          Needs constantly wet soil.       
Allium cernuum                   4 15" X 12"  Native. Pink flowers in summer.    
  Nodding Onion               Med. Sun          Great for rock gardens.          
Anaphalis margaritacea           3 2' X 1'    Native. Gray-green leaves. Papery  
  Pearly Everlasting          High Sun          white flowers in late Summer. PNP
Antennaria argentea (luzuloides) 5 15" x 15"  Native. Drought tolerant. White    
  Silver Pussytoes            Low  Sun          flowers in June.                 
Aquilegia formosa                3 2' X 2'    Native. Red flowers in May to Aug. 
  Red Columbine               Low  Part Sun     Attracts hummingbirds.        PNP
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi          2 8" X 4'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers.    
  Kinnikinnick                Low  Sun-Part     Red berries. Good groundcover.PNP
Armeria maritima                 4 10" X 1'   Native evergreen. Mound of leaves. 
  Sea Thrift                  Med. Sun-Part     Pink or white flowers April-June.
Aruncus dioicus                  4 1' X 1'    Native. Creamy white flowers in    
  Goatsbeard                  Med. Shade-Part   June and July.                   
Asarum caudatum                  4 4" X 2'    Native. Large, heart shaped leaves.
  Wild Ginger                 High Shade-Part   Brown flowers early Spring.   PNP
Asclepias speciosa               4 4' X 3'    Native. Lilac flowers July to Sept.
  Showy Milkweed              Med. Sun                WL hummingbirds butterflies 
Aster subspicatus                5 2' X 2'    Native. Drought tolerant. Purple   
  Douglas Aster               Med. Sun          flowers in summer to fall.       
Athyrium filix-femina            4 2' X 2'    Fine double cut leaves arch up and 
  Lady Fern                   Med. Shade        out.                          PNP
Balsamorhiza sagittata           4 15" X 15"  Native. Drought tolerant. Yellow   
  Arrowleaf Balsamroot        Low  Sun          flowers in spring.               
Blechnum spicant                 7 2' X 2'    Low spreading sterile fronds and   
  Deer Fern                   Med. Shade        upright fertile fronds.       PNP
Boykinia major                   7 2' x 2'    Native. White flowers summer to    
  Large Boykinia              Med. Shade        fall.                            
Camassia quamash                 6 18" X 12"  Native bulb. Blue flowers in       
  Common Camas                High Sun          spring.                       PNP 
Carex barbarae                   5 30" X 30"  Native. Wetlands. Used by native   
  Santa Barbara Sedge         High Sun          Americans to weave baskets.      
Carex obnupta                    5 2' X 2'    Native. Grass-like. Spreads easily.
  Slough Sedge                High Part Sun     Great for erosion control.       
Carex tumulicola                 8 18" X 18"  Native evergreen grass. Tuft of    
  Berkeley Sedge              Med. Sun-Part     narrow green leaves.          PNP
Ceanothus prostratus             5 4" X 3'    Native. Drought tolerant. Purple or
  Prostrate Ceanothus         Low  Sun          blue flowers in June. Groundcover
Clarkia amoena                   4 30" x 2'   Native annual. Drought tolerant.   
  Farewell-to-spring          Low  Sun          Pink flowers in June.            
Cornus canadensis                1 3" X 2'    Semi-evergreen. White flowers in   
  Bunchberry                  Med. Sun-Shade    spring. Red berries in fall.  PNP
Deschampsia caespitosa           4 18" X 12"  Native. Dark green clump of grass. 
  Tufted Hair Grass           High Sun-Part     Seed stalks produce plantlets.PNP
Dicentra formosa                 3 12" X 18"  Native. Dark fern-like leaves.     
  Western Bleeding Heart      Low  Shade-Part   Pink flowers April to June.   PNP
Dodecatheon hendersonii          5 1' x 1'    Native. Magenta flowers in spring. 
  Henderson's ShootingStar    Med. Part Sun                                      
Dryas octopetala                   6" X 6"    Native evergreen groundcover. White
  Mountain Avens              Low  Sun          flowers in summer.               
Eleocharis palustris             4 3' X 3'    Native wetland plant. Seed heads on
  Creeping Spike-rush         High Sun	      3' spikes for birds and  amphibians.
Elymus glaucus                   4 2' X 2'    Native. Dense clumps of blue grass.
  Blue Wild Rye               Low  Sun          blue grass.                   PNP
Erigeron glaucus                 7 18' X 18"  Native evergreen. Light purple     
  Seaside Daisy               Med. Sun-Part     flowers spring to fall.          
Erigeron speciosus               3 18" X 18"  Native. Drought tolerant. Lavender 
  Showy Fleabane              Med. Sun          petals with yellow center. Summer
Eriogonum umbellatum             4 3' X 2'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Sulphur Flower              Low  Sun          Yellow flowers in summer.        
Eriophyllum lanatum              5 18" X 18"  Native. Drought tolerant. Yellow   
  Oregon Sunshine             Low  Sun          flowers spring to summer.        
Erythronium oregonum             6 12" X 6"   Native. Showy white flowers in     
  White Fawn Lily             Med. Part Shade   spring.                          
Eschscholzia californica         5 1' X 2'    Yellow, pink, or white poppies all 
  California Poppy            Low  Sun          summer. Remove dead flowers.     
Festuca californica              4 2' X 2'    Native. Drought tolerant. Blue-    
  California Fescue           Low  Sun          green foliage.                   
Festuca idahoensis               5 1' X 1'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Idaho Fescue                Low  Sun          Blue foliage.                    
Festuca roemeri                  7 2' X 2'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Roemer's Fescue             Low  Sun          Blue-green foliage.              
Fragaria chiloensis              4 6" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover. White
  Wild Strawberry             Med. Sun-Part     flowers in spring. Red berries.  
Fragaria vesca                   6 6" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover.      
  Wood Strawberry             Low  Shade        Drought tolerant.                
Fragaria virginiana              5 6" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover.      
  Wild Strawberry             Low  Shade        Drought tolerant.                
Gaillardia aristata              3 2' X 2'    Native. Daisy-like yellow, bronze 
  Blanket Flower              Low  Sun          or red flowers for butterflies.
Gaultheria ovatifolia              3" X 12"   Native evergreen groundcover. Pink 
  Oregon Wintergreen          High Part Sun     flowers in summer. Edible berries
Gilia capitata                   4 6" X 1'    Native. Drought tolerant.          
  Bluehead Gilia              Med. Sun                                           
Helenium hoopesii                4 3' x 1'    Native. Drought tolerant. Yellow-  
  Orange Sneezeweed           Med. Sun          orange flowers in summer         
Heuchera micrantha               4 18" X 18"  Native. Drought tolerant. White    
  Alum Root                   Low  Shade        flowers spring to summer.        
Iris dougasiana                  5 2' X 2'    Native. Cream to purple flowers    
  Douglas iris                Med. Shade-Part   in May.                          
Iris missouriensis               4 2' X 1'    Native. Blue t deep violet flowers 
  Rocky Mountain Iris         Med. Sun          in May. Likes wet soil.          
Iris tenax                       5 15" X 18"  Native. Purple flowers with yellow 
  Oregon iris                 Low  Sun-Part     or white. Drought tolerant.   PNP
Juncus effusus                   5 2' X 2'    Native evergreen. Tolerates wet    
  Common Rush                 Med. Part Sun     soil.                            
Ligustichum apifolium            7 3' X 3'    Native Drought tolerant. White     
  Parsley-leaf Lovage         Low  Sun          flowers in June                  
Limnanthes douglasii               15" X 15"  Native self sowing annual.  Yellow 
  Douglas' Meadowfoam         High Sun          and white spring flowers.        
Linum lewisii                    5 15" X 12"  Native. Delicate blue flowers on   
  Blue Flax                   Low  Sun          slender stalks. Drought tolerant.
Lupinus rivularis                  2' X 2'    Native. Purple-blue flowers in     
  Stream-bank Lupine          Med. Part Sun     spring.                          
Lysichton armericanum            6 2' X 1'    Native. Yellowish flower in May.   
  Skunk Cabbage               High Shade        Needs wet soil.                  
Maianthemum dilatatum              1' X 1'    Native. White flowers in spring to 
  False Lily of the Valley    Med. Part Sun     summer. Spreads.                 
Mimulus guttatus                   18" X 18"  Native. Yellow flowers in spring to
  Yellow Monkey Flower        High Part Sun     summer. Spreads.                 
Nuphar polysepalum               4 1' X 2'    Native. Yellow flowers in summer.  
  Spatterdock                 High Sun          Grows in 3' to 5' deep water.    
Oxalis oregana                   3 7" X 30"   Native groundcover for shade. White
  Wood sorrel                 Med. Shade-Part   flowers April-June.           PNP
Penstemon richardsonii             2' X 2'    Native. Pinkish flowers in late    
  Richardson's Penstemon      Med. Part Sun     summer to fall.                  
Penstemon serrulatus               18" X 18"  Native. Purple flowers in summer.  
  Cascade Penstemon           Med. Part Sun     Good cut flowers.                
Petasites palmatus                 15" X 15"  Native. White flowers in spring.   
  Coltsfoot                   Med. Part Sun     Spreads.                         
Phlox diffusa                      4" X 1'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers in  
  Spreading Phlox             Med. Sun          spring.                          
Polemonium pulcherimum           5 10" X 10"  Native. Drought tolerant. Blue     
  Jacob's Ladder              Low  Sun          flowers in June.                 
Polypodium glycyrrhiza             10" X 10"  Native evergreen. Edible root      
  Licorice Fern               High Shade        tastes like licorice.            
Polystichum munitum              5 3' X 3'    Native evergreen. Excellent for    
  Western Sword Fern          Med. Part Shade   woodsy area. Tolerates dry.   PNP
Potentilla pacifica                6" X 1'    Native groundcover. Yellow flowers 
  Pacific Silverweek          Med. Sun          in spring to summer.             
Rubus pedatus                    4 2" X 6'    Native evergreen groundcover. Small
  Evergreen Blackberry        Low  Sun-Part     white flowers. Edible red fruit. 
Sagittaria latifolia             4 2' X 2'    Native. White flowers in late sum- 
  Wapato                      High Sun          mer. Produces edible tuber.      
Saxifraga rufidula                 6" X 6"    Native. White flowers in spring to 
  Rusty-hair Saxifrage        High Part Shade   summer.                          
Scabiosa columbaria              5 18" X 18"  Blue, pink or white flowers June to
  Pincushion                  Low  Sun-Part     frost. WL hummingbird butterflies
Scirpus microcarpus              5 3' X 3'    Native. White flowers in summer.   
  Small Flowered Bulrush      High Sun-Part                                      
Sedum lanceolatum                5 3" X 1'    Native groundcover. Yellow flowers 
  Stonecrop                   Low  Sun          in late spring. Drought tolerant.
Sedum oreganum                   7 4" X 1'    Native evergreen groundcover.      
  Oregon Stonecrop            Med. Part Shade   Yellow flowers in summer.        
Sedum spathulifolium             5 4" X 4"    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Stonecrop                   Low  Sun          Yellow flowers spring to summer. 
Sidalcea campestris              7            Native. Drought tolerant.          
  Meadow-Checkermallow        Med. Sun                                           
Sisyrinchium bellum              8 10" X 8"   Native. Drought tolerant. Blue     
  Blue-eyed Grass             Low  Sun          flowers sping to summer.         
Sisyrinchium californicum        8 15" X 15"  Native. Drought tolerant. Yellow   
  Yellow-eyed Grass           Low  Part Sun     spring flowers attract butterfly.
Sisyrinchium douglasii             12" X 12"  Native. Reddish-purple flowers in  
  Grass Widow                 Med. Sun          spring.                          
Smilacina racemosa               3 3' X 1'    Tall plumes of fuzzy white flowers.
  False Solomon's Seal        High Shade-Part   Red & white speckled fruit.   PNP
Smilacina stellata                 18" x 18"  Native. White flowers in spring to 
  Starry False Solom. Seal    Med. Part Shade   summer.                          
Solidago canadensis              4 3' X 3'    Native. Drought tolerant. Yellow   
  Goldenrod                   Low  Sun          flowers summer to fall.          
Synthyris reniformis               3" X 3"    Native. Purple blossoms late winter
  Spring Queen                Med. Part Shade   to spring.                       
Tellima grandiflora                2" X 1'    Native. Pink flowers in spring to  
  Fringe Cup                  Med. Part Shade   Summer. Spreads.                 
Thalictrum occidentale           6 30' X 30'  Native. Drought tolerant. Pink and 
  Western Meadow Rue          Med. Part Shade   green flowers spring to summer.  
Tolmiea menziesii                  2' X 2'    Native. Maroon flowers in spring to
  Piggyback Plant             Med. Part Shade   Summer. Spreads.                 
Trillium ovatum                  4 1' X 6"    Native. Three leaves with white    
  Trillium                    High Shade-Part   flowers in March.             PNP
Typha latifolia                  4 6' X 4'    Native bog plant. Makes thick      
  Cattails                    High Sun          clumps in moist soil.         PNP
Vancouveria hexandra               10" X 8"   Native. White flowers spring to    
  Inside-out Flower           Low  Shade        summer.                          
Viola adunca                       4" X 6"    Native. Purple flowers in spring to
  Early Blue Violet           Med. Shade-Part   summer. Attracts butterflies.    
Viola glabella                   6 8" X 8"    Native. Small heart-shaped flowers.
  Yellow Wood Violet          Med. Shade-Part   Small yellow spring flowers.  PNP
Woodwardia fimbriata             8 6' X 5'    Native. Drought tolerant. Evergreen
  Giant Chain Fern            Med. Part Shade   fronds.                          

Amelanchier canadensis           4 10' X 6'   Native. White flowers in Spring.   
  Shadblow Serviceberry       Med. Sun-Shade    Purplish berries in Summer.   PNP
Arctostaphylos columbiana        7 6' X 6'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Hairy Manzanita             Low  Sun          Pink flowers in spring.          
Azalea occidentale               4 5' X 5'    Native deciduous. Fragrant flowers   
  Western Azalea              Med. Sun-Part     for hummingbirds and butterflies.   
Ceanothus integerrimus           5 8' X 6'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Mountain Lilac, Deer Brush  Low  Sun-Part     Blue flowers in late Spring     .
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus           7 15' X 10'  Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Blue Blossom                Low  Sun          Blue blossoms in spring and fall.
Ceanothus velutinus var. velut.  1 4' X 4'    Native evergreen. Drought tolerant.
  Mountain Balm               Low  Sun          White flowers in mid-Spring.
Cercocarpus ledifolius           3 12' X 10'  Evergreen. Yellow funnel flowers in
  Curl-leaf Mtn. Mahogany     Low  Sun-Part     spring. Drought tolerant.        
Clematis columbiana              4 1' X 3'    Native. Drought tolerant. Violet-  
  Rock Clematis               Med. Sun          blue flowers in spring.          
Cornus sericea occidentalis      3 8' X 8'    Deciduous native. Drought tolerant.
  Red Osier Dogwood           Med. Sun-Part     White flowers in spring.         
Corylus cornuta var. califor.    3 20' X 20'  Native deciduous. Suckers freely
  Hazelnut                    Med. Sun-Part     for hedge. Yellow Fall leaves.
Fuchsia magellanica              4 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. Violet, white and
  Hardy Fuchsia               High Part Shade   red flowers July-Oct.
Garrya elliptica                 5 8' X 8'    Evergreen native. Leaves with wooly
  Coast Silk Tassel           Low  Sun-Part     yellowish catkins in January.
Gaultheria shallon               6 2' X 3'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers in  
  Salal                       Med. Sun-Shade    spring. Black edible berries. PNP
Heteromeles arbutifolia        Y 7 8' X 5'    Deciduous native. Drought tolerant.
  Toyon                       Low  Sun          white flowers summer. Red berries
Holodiscus discolor              4 8' X 8'    Native deciduous. White flowers in 
  Ocean Spray                 Low  Sun-Part     May to July. Drought tolerant.PNP
Juniperus communis               3 1' X 6'    Native Evergreen. Many forms. Very 
  Common Juniper              Low  Sun          drought tolerant. Berries. 
Lonicera involucrata             3 7' X 7'    Native deciduous. Yellow flowers in
  Twinberry                   High Sun-Part     May. Black berries.         
Mahonia aquifolium               5 5' X 3'    Native evergreen. Yellow flowers in
  Oregon Grape                Low  Sun-Shade    March. Black, edible berries.    
Mahonia nervosa                  6 2' X 4'    Native evergreen. Yellow flowers in
  Leatherleaf Mahonia         Low  Sun-Shade    spring. Drought tolerant.        
Mahonia repens                   4 2' X 3'    Native evergreen. Yellow flowers in
  Creeping Mahonia            Low  Shade-Part   spring. Blue berries in Fall. 
Myrica californica               7 10' X 8'   Native evergreen. Excellent hedge  
  California Wax Myrtle       Low  Sun-Shade    or screen.                       
Oemleria cerasiformis            6 8' X 5'    Native. Drought Tolerant. Yellow   
  Indian Plum                 Low  Shade-Part   flowers in April.                
Philadelphus lewisii             4 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Fragrant white   
  Native Mockorange           Low  Sun-Part     summer flowers. Fall yellow.  PNP
Physocarpus capitatus            2 6' X 6'    Native. White flowers in spring.   
  Native Ninebark             Med. Sun-Shade    Tolerates wet to medium soil. PNP
Prunus virginiana                2 15' X 10'  Native deciduous. Clusters of white
  Choke Cherry                Med. Sun-Part     flowers. Black berries. 
Rhododendron macrophyllum        5 8' x 8'    Native Evergreen. Pink flowers in  
  Rhododendron                Med. Shade-Part   late spring.                     
Ribes aureum                     3 6' X 6'    Native deciduous. Yellow flowers in
  Golden Currant              Low  Sun-Part     Spring. Very drought tolerant.   
Ribes sanguineum                 5 6' X 4'    Native deciduous. Red flowers in   
  Red Flowering Currant       Low  Sun-Part     March and April. Dark berries.PNP
Rosa nutkana                     5 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. Pink roses in    
  Nootka Rose                 Low  Sun-Part     June. Orange hips in fall.    PNP
Rosa woodsii                     5 6' x 6'    Native deciduous. Drought Tolerant.
  Wood's Rose                 Med. Sun-Part     Pink flowers in summer. Spreads. 
Rubus parviflorus                3 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. White flowers in 
  Thimbleberry                Low  Sun-Part     May to June. Edible berry.    PNP
Rubus spectabilis                7 5' X 5'    Native. Deep pink flowers in Spring
  Salmonberry                 Med. Part Shade   and edible berries in Summer. PNP
Salix exigua                     4 15' X 15'  Native deciduous. Drought tolerant.
  Narrowleaf Willow           Med. Shade        White catkins in spring.         
Sambucus cerulea                 4 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Drought tolerant.
  Blue Elderberry             Low  Sun-Part                                      
Sambucus racemosa                4 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Drought tolerant.
  Red Elderberry              Low  Sun                                           
Shepherdia argenteus             2 8' X 5'    Native deciduous. Silver gray. Red 
  Silver Buffalo Berry        Any  Sun-Part     berries attract birds.           
Sorbus scopulina                 3 10' X 10'  Native. Drougnt tolerant. White    
  Cascade Mountain Ash        Low  Sun          flowers. Red berries.
Spiraea betulifolia              4 30" X 30"  Native. Drought tolerant. White    
  Birchleaf Spirea            Med. Sun          flowers in late spring.          
Spiraea douglasi                 4 6' X 5'    Native. Clusters of pink flowers in
  Hardhack Spirea             Med. Sun-Part     summer. White leaf underside. PNP
Symphoricarpos albus             3 4' X 4'    Native deciduous. White flowers in 
  Common Snowberry            Low  Sun-Shade    May. White berries in Summer. PNP
Vaccinium membranaceum           5 4' X 4'    Native. Drought tolerant. White    
  Thin-leaf Huckleberry       Low  Shade        flowers in summer. Edible fruit. 
Vaccinium ovatum                 7 4' X 4'    Native evergreen. Pink flowers in  
  Evergreen Huckleberry       Med. Sun-Shade    spring. Edible black berries. PNP
Vaccinium parvifolium            5 6' X 6'    Native deciduous. White flowers in 
  Red Huckleberry             Med. Part Shade   April-May. Edible red berries.PNP
Viburnum trilobum                2 10' X 10'  Native deciduous. White flowers in 
  High Bush Cranberry         Med. Sun-Part     spring to summer.  Fall fruit.   

Abies grandis                    5 100' X 25' Native. Pyramidal evergreen. Likes 
  Grand Fir                   Med. Sun-Part     cool, moist soil.                
Abies lasiocarpa                 5 25' X 15'  Native evergreen. Slow growing.    
  Alpine Fir                  Med. Sun-Part     Likes cool, moist soil.          
Abies procera                    5 90' X 20'  Native pyramidal evergreen. Short  
  Noble Fir                   Med. Sun-Part     stiff branches.                  
Acer circinatum                  6 15' X 10'  Native tree with multiple trunks.  
  Vine Maple                  Med. Sun-Part     Red Fall leaves.              PNP
Acer macrophyllum                5 50' X 30'  Native. Large spreading tree with  
  Bigleaf Maple               Med. Sun-Part     big leaves. Yellow in Fall.   PNP
Alnus rubra                      4 50' X 30'  Native. Fast growing. Yellow Fall  
  Red Alder                   High Sun-Part     leaves.                          
Amelanchier alnifolia            4 10' x 10'  Native. White flowers followed by  
  Western Serviceberry        Med. Sun-Part     dark fruit. Attracts birds.   PNP
Arbutus menziesii                3 40' X 40'  Native evergreen. White flowers in 
  Madrona                     Low  Sun-Part     Spring. Fruit.              
Betula papyrifera                2 50' X 35'  Oval shape. White bark. Yellow Fall
  Paper Or Canoe Birch        Med. Sun          leaves. 
Calocedrus decurrens             6 75' X 20'  Native pyramidal evergreen. Fra-   
  Incense Cedar               Low  Sun-Part     grant twigs.
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana         6 40' X 20'  Native evergreen. Pyramidal shape  
  Port Orford Cedar           Med. Sun-Part     with drooping branches.          
Cornus nuttallii                 4 40' X 20'  Native. Large white flowers in May.
  Pacific Dogwood             Low  Sun-Part     Red Fall leaves. Likes dry.   PNP
Crataegus douglasii              5 20'X 15'   Native. Clusters of white flowers. 
  Oregon Hawthorn             Med. Sun-Part     Large edible scarlet berries.    
Crataegus suksdorfii             7 20' x 15'  Native. White flowers in spring.   
  Klamath Hawthorn            Low  Sun          Black fruit. Thorns.             
Juniperus scopulorum             3 15' X 8'   Pyramidal evergreen. Silvery blue  
  Rocky Mountain Juniper      Low  Sun          needles. Drought tolerant.       
Malus fusca                      4 25' X 25'  Native. White flowers in spring.   
  Pacific Crabapple           Med. Sun-Part     Yellow or red fruit attract birds
Picea sitchensis                 5 150' X 30' Native pyramidal evergreen. Moist  
  Sitka Spruce                Med. Sun          but well drained soil.           
Pinus contorta 'contorta'        5 25' X 25'  Native rounded evergreen.          
  Shore Pine                  Low  Sun          Drought and salt tolerant.       
Pinus contorta latifolia         4 80' X 20'  Native evergreen. Tall narrow tree.
  Lodgepole Pine              Low  Sun          Short needles in bundles of two. 
Pinus contorta murrayana         4 60' X 25'  Native evergreen. Slow growing.    
  Murrayana Pine              Low  Sun          Narrow in groves, Wide alone.    
Pinus ponderosa                  3 100' X 30' Native evergreen. Long needles.    
  Ponderosa Pine              Low  Sun          Black and orange bark.        PNP
Populus tremuloides              3 30' X 15'  Native. Leaves flutter in a slight 
  Quaking Aspen               Med. Sun-Part     breeze. Golden Fall leaves.   PNP
Prunus emarginata 'mollis'       4 70' X 30'  Native. Small white flowers. Small
  Bitter Cherry               Med. Sun-Shade    bitter cherries attract birds.   
Pseudotsuga menziesii            4 200' X 20' Native pyramidal evergreen. Fast   
  Douglas Fir                 Low  Sun          growing.                      PNP
Quercus garryana                 6 65' X 50'  Native. Red fall leaves. Needs good
  Oregon White Oak            Low  Sun          drainage.                        
Rhus glabra                      3 12' X 15'  Native. Drought tolerant. Red fall
  Smooth Sumac                Low  Sun          leaves. Red berries attract birds
Salix spp.                       3 30' X 30'  Native. Used to stabilize stream
  Native Willows              High Sun          banks.
Thuja plicata                    5 80' X 20'  Native evergreen. Narrow with      
  Western Red Cedar           Any  Sun-Shade    drooping branches.            PNP
Tsuga heterophylla               4 60' X 20'  Native pyramidal evergreen. White  
  Western Hemlock             Med. Sun          band on bottom of needles.    PNP
Tsuga mertensiana                4 30' X 15'  Native evergreen. Slow growing.    
  Mountain Hemlock            Med. Sun-Part     Thrives on cool, moist slope.    
Umbellularia californica         7 25' X 25'  Native evergreen. Slow growing.    
  Oregon Myrtle               Low  Sun-Part     Tiny yellow flowers in spring.

Lonicera cilosa                  5 15' X 15'  Native decidous. Drought tolerant. 
  Orange Honeysuckle          Low  shade        Orange-yellow flowers in spring. 
Lonicera hispidula               5 12' X 12'  Native. Drought tolerant. Pink         
  Pink Honeysuckle            Low  Sun          flowers attract hummingbirds.

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