Winter Color Winter Color


by Rod Smith

Former Iowa Certified Nurseryman and Oregon Certified Nursery Professional

© 1999-2023 Rodney A. Smith

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Plants marked PNP are included in the "Portland Native Plant" list.

Low = under 8 inches, Medium = 8 inches to 30 inches, Tall = over 30 inches

Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width   Description
  Common name                Water Exposure


Acanthus mollis 6 3' X 3' Large, shiny green leaves. Spike Grecian Pattern Plant Med. Sun-Part of lilac or rose flowers in June. Achillea millefolium 3 30" X 2' Native. White, flat flowers in sum- Common Yarrow Low Sun-Part mer. Good cut/dried flowers. PPL Achillea species 3 3' X 2' Yellow or pastel flowers heads in Yarrow Low Sun-part June-Sept. Good cut or dried. Aconitum napellus 3 4' X 18" Blue or soft pink helmet-shaped Monkshood High Sun-Part flowers July-August. Poisonous. Aegopodium podagraria variegata 1 6" X 30" Low, dense mass of light green Variegated Bishop's Weed Med. Sun-Shade leaves with white edges. Spreads. Agapanthus africanus 7 2' X 2' Evergreen. Stalks of blue or white Lily Of The Nile Low Sun-Part flowers in summer. Needs shelter. Agastache species 6 2' X 1' Attracts hummingbirds. Masses of Hyssop Med. Sun-Part red, pink or lavender flowers. Ajuga reptans 3 5" X 12" Evergreen. Blue flowers. Green Carpet Bugle Med. Sun-Part bronze purple or varieg. leaves. Alcea rosea 3 5' X 2' Biennial. Old fashioned favorite Hollyhock Med. Sun now in many colors July-August. Alchemilla mollis 3 15" X 1' Scalloped leaves hold raindrops. Lady's Mantle Med. Sun-Part Good cut greenish flowers in June Allium giganteum 4 5' X 1' Bulb. Ball-like clusters of lilac Giant Allium Med. Sun flowers in July. Alstroemeria hybrids 8 2' X 3' Orange yellow pink red and white Peruvian Lily Med. Part Sun flowers June to July. Good cut. Amaryllis belladona 6 2' X 1' Fragrant pink trumpet flowers on Naked Lady Low Sun-Part naked stalks after leaves die. Anaphalis margaritacea 3 2' X 1' Native. Gray-green leaves. Papery Pearly Everlasting High Sun white flowers in late Summer. PPL Anemone blanda 4 4" X 6" Bulb. Single blue, pink or white Windflower Low Part Sun flower in March. Anemone coronaria 6 2' X 15" Bulb. Red, blue, purple or white Wind Flower Med. Part shade flowers May and June. Good cut. Anemone huphensis 5 2' X 15" Purple to white flowers in fall. Japanese Anemone Med. Sun-Part Excellent for cut flowers. Anthemis tinctoria 4 2' X 2' Pale yellow daisies in summer. Hardy Marguerite Daisy Med. Sun Great cut flowers. Aquilegia formosa 3 2' X 1' Native. Red flowers in May to Aug. Western Columbine Low Part Sun Attracts hummingbirds. PNP Aquilegia species 3 2' X 18" Red white or blue flowers in May. Columbine Med. Sun-Shade Attracts hummingbirds/butterflies Arabis caucasica 3 4" X 1' White flowers on fleshy leaves in Rock Cress Med. Sun March to April. Good rock garden. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 2 8" X 4' Native evergreen. Pink flowers. Kinnikinnick Low Sun-Part Red berries. Good groundcover.PNP Arenaria montana 3 4" X 18" Low mound of white flowers from Montana Sandwort Med. Sun-Part March to April. Likes lime. Armeria maritima 4 10" X 1' Native evergreen. Mound of leaves. Sea Thrift Med. Sun-Part Pink or white flowers April-June. Artemisia species 3 1' X 2' Silvery leaves in many shapes. Wormwood Low Sun Yellow flowers in August. Aruncus dioicus 4 1' X 1' Native. Creamy white flowers in Goatsbeard Med. Shade-Part June and July. Asarum caudatum 4 4" X 2' Native. Large, heart shaped leaves. Wild Ginger High Shade-Part Brown flowers early Spring. PNP Asarum splendens 4 6" X 2' Large, heart shaped leaves with Chinese Ginger High Shade-Part white stripes. Tiny red flowers. Asclepias tuberosa 4 2' X 3' Bright orange flowers from July to Butterfly Weed Med. Sun September. Attracts butterflies. Aspidistra elatior 7 18" X 3' Evergreen. Strap like leaves. Cast Iron Plant Med. Shade Tolerates deep shade. Very tough. Asplenium scolopendrium 6 18" X 15" Native evergreen. Strap-like fronds Hart's Tongue Fern Med. Shade-Part with wavy edges. Aster frikartii 5 3' X 2' Large lavender blue daisies from Frikart's Aster Med. Sun May to frost if deadheaded. Aster species 4 18" X 1' Daisy flowers in many colors bloom Asters Med. Sun August to frost. Good cut. Aster tongolensis 'Wartburg' 5 1' X 1' Violet flowers with golden orange Wartburg Aster Med. Sun centers in June to September. Astilbe arendsii 3 2' X 18" Tall spikes of red pink or white Astilbe High Sun-Shade flowers from May to July. Astrantia major 4 2' X 2' Red, pink or white flowers in Masterwort Med. Sun-Part summer. Good cut or dried. Aubrieta deltoidea 4 5" X 15" Low mat of red to blue flowers in Rock Cress Med. Sun-Part March to May. Good in rock walls. Aurinia saxatilis 4 10" X 1' Evergreen. Green gray leaves with Basket Of Gold Med. Sun-Part yellow flowers from April-June.


Ballota nigra 'Archers Variety' 4 2' X 3' Leaves have white streaks and spots Variegated Horehound Low Sun Tiny purple flowers in summer. Baptisia australis 4 3' X 4' Spikes of small indigo blue flowers False Indigo Low Sun in summer. Attractive seeds. Bellis perennis 4 5" X 6" Red, rose, and white flowers in English Daisy Med. Sun-Part April and May. Good in lawns. Bergenia cordifolia 3 12" X 2' Evergreen. Large heart shaped Heartleaf Bergenia Med. Sun-Part leaves. Pink flowers in Spring. Boltonia asteroides 4 4' X 3' Thousands of white or pink daisies False Starwort Low Sun in August to October. Brugmansia species (Datura) 8 3-8'X 3-8' Tender perennial needs protection. Angel's Trumpet Med. Sun-Shade Large, fragrant white flowers. Brunnera macrophylla 5 15" X 1' Airy clusters of blue flowers above Siberian Bugloss High Part Shade heart shaped leaves in March-June


Calceolaria biflora 6 12" X 8" Evergreen. Pouch-like flowers of Pocketbook Flower Med. Shade-Part yellow and red in May and June. Camassia quamash 6 18" X 12" Native bulb. Blue flowers in Common Camas High Sun Spring. PNP Campanula species 4 1-5' X 1' Bell or star shaped flowers. Many Bellflower High Shade-Part forms and colors are available.
Canna Hybrid 7 3-6' X 2' Tall stalk with large leaves and Canna Med. Sun many colored flowers. Catananche caerulea 4 18" X 1' Gray green leaves. Deep blue flow- Cupid's Dart Low Sun ers June to August. Good dried. Ceanothus gloriosus 7 12" X 3' Evergreen. Blue flowers in late Point Reyes Ceanothus Low Sun spring. Good groundcover. Centranthus ruber 4 3' X 18" Rosy red flowers from June to Sept. Jupiter's Beard Low Sun-Part Good cut flowers. Needs drainage. Cerastium tomentosum 3 6" X 2' Evergreen. Silvery gray leaves. Snow-in-Summer Med. Sun-Part White flowers in early summer. Ceratostigma plumbaginoides 6 18" X 2' Intense blue flowers from July to Dwarf Plumbago Med. Sun-Part September. Reddish new leaves. Chelone species 5 3' X 2' Unusual white pink or red flowers Turtlehead High Sun-Part resemble a turtle's head. Chrysanthemum coccinneum 4 30" X 2' Finely divided leaves. Pink, red, Painted Daisy Med. Sun or white flowers in May. Chrysanthemum morifolium 4 2' X 3' Many colors and styles of flowers Garden Chrysanthemum Med. Sun August to frost. Good cut. Cimicifuga racemosa 4 6' X 3' Spikes of white flowers from July Bugbane, Black Cohosh High Shade-Part to Oct. Seed clusters good dried. Conradina verticillata 5 1' X 3' Aromatic leaves. Lavender pink Cumberland Rosemary Med. Sun flowers in June. Convallaria majalis 3 6" X 15" Small fragrant bell-shaped white Lily-of-the-Valley Med. Shade-Part flowers in May. Poisonous. Convolvulus cneorum 8 2' X 2' Evergreen. White or light pink Silver Bush Morn. Glory Low Sun-Part trumpet flowers May to September. Convolvulus mauritanicus 7 5" X 2' Evergreen. Lavender blue trumpet Ground Morning Glory Low Sun-Part flowers May to September. Coreopsis verticillata 4 2' X 2' Profuse yellow daisies from June Coreopsis, Tickseed Low Sun-Part to September. Cornus canadensis 1 3" X 2' Semi-evergreen. White flowers in Bunchberry Med. Sun-Shade spring. Red berries in fall. PNP Corydalis lutea 6 12" X 15" Masses of gray-green divided leaves Corydalis High Part Shade Yellow flowers June-August. Cosmos atrosanguineus 8 2' X 2' Deep brownish red flowers with Chocolate Cosmos Med. Sun chocolate or vanilla fragrance. Cotoneaster dammeri 1 5" X 6' Evergreen. White flowers in Bearberry Cotoneaster Low Sun-Shade spring. Orange berries in fall. Cotula squalida 4 2" X 1' Evergreen. Button flowers in May- Brass Buttons Med. Part Sun June. Fern-like foliage creeps. Crocosmia crocosmiliflora 4 3' X 18" Strings of orange-crimson flowers Montbretia Low Sun in July and August. Good cut. Crocus sativus 5 6" X 4" Bulb. Lilac flowers in fall. Fall or Saffron Crocus Low Sun Stigma of flower makes saffron. Crocus vernus 3 4" X 4" Bulb. White, pink, blue, or purple Dutch Crocus Low Sun-Part flowers in February to March. Cyclamen hederifolium 6 4" X 1' Leaves marbled silver and white. Hardy Cyclamen Med. Sun-Part White or pink flowers August-Oct. Cynara cardunculus 7 5' X 4' Large, toothed silvery leaves. Blue Cardoon Med. Sun violet flowers July-September.


Dahlia hybrids 8 2-6'X 2-4' Tuber. Many colors and forms. Dig Dahlia Med. Sun-Part or cover with mulch in the Fall. Delosperma cooperi 6 4" X 18" Evergreen. Succulent foliage with Ice Plant Low Sun magenta daisies July to September Delphinium hybrids 3 3-6' X 2' Tall spikes of blue, lavender, or Larkspur Med. Sun white in June. Good cut. Dianella tasmanica 7 2' X 2' Evergreen. Blue/purple flowers in Flax Lily Med. Sun-Part spring. Blue-green leaves. Dianthus species 4 1-3' X 1' Low mound or tall cut flower in Carnation or Pinks Med. Sun-Part pink, red and white May to July. Diascia species 7 10" X 2' Low spreading plant with pink flow- Twinspur Low Sun-Part ers from June to September. Dicentra formosa 3 12" X 18" Native. Dark fern-like leaves. Western Bleeding Heart Low Shade-Part Pink flowers April to June. PNP Dicentra spectabilis 3 30" X 3' Dainty pink or white flowers in Bleeding Heart Med. Shade-Part April to June. Dierama pulcherrimum 7 5' X 5' Sword-like leaves. Purple to white Wand Flower High Sun bell-shaped flowers May-June. Dietes bicolor 8 18" X 15" Iris-like leaves with yellow and African Iris Med. Sun-Part maroon flowers spring to fall. Digitalis purpurea 4 4' X 1' Spike of white to pink spotted Pink Foxglove Med. Part shade flowers. Leaves are poisonous. Doronicum cordatum 4 18" X 12" Low mound. Yellow daisy flowers on Leopard's Bane Med. Part Shade tall stems April-June. Good cut.


Echinacea purpurea 4 2' X 3' Showy flowers of drooping purple Purple Coneflower Med. Sun-Part petals in summer. Echinops exaltatus 4 3' X 1' Coarse, prickly, gray-green leaves. Globe thistle Med. Sun Steel blue flowers July to Sept. Endymion non-scriptus (Scilla) 4 15" X 12" Bulb. Spikes of blue white or pink Wood Hyacinth Med. Sun-Part flowers in May. Easy to grow. Epimedium grandiflorum 4 1' X 3' Evergreen. Red white pink or Bishop's Hat Med. Part Shade violet flowers. Bronze leaves. Erigeron species 7 18" X 1' Aster-like white, lavender or pink Fleabane Med. Sun-Part flowers August to frost. Native. Erodium reichardii 6 5" X 1' Evergreen. Tough low creeper with Cranesbill Med. Sun-Part many flowers May to October. Eryngium amethystinum 4 2' X 1' Thistle-like plant. Steel blue or Sea holly Low Sun amethyst flowers July to Sept. Erysimum linifolium 6 2' X 2' Yellow to purple flowers all summer Wallflower Med. Sun-Part long. Eschscholzia californica 1' X 2' Yellow, pink, or white poppies all California Poppy Low Sun summer. Remove dead flowers. Eucomis comosa 7 3' X 3' Large, strap-like leaves with tall Purple Pineapple Lily Med. Sun-Part bloom resembling a pineapple. Eupatorium maculatum 4 5' X 3' Narrow leaves with showy chartreuse Joe Pye Weed Med. Sun-Part bracts. Blooms from July to Sept. Euphorbia species 6 2' X 2' Green to purple leaves. Chartreuse Spurge Low Sun to burgundy flowers. Euryops pectinatus 8 5' X 3' Bright yellow daisy-like flowers Golden Shrub Daisy Low Sun March-October. Needs protection.


Felicia amelloides 9 18" X 4' Sky-blue, yellow-centered daisies Blue Marguerite Med. Sun all summer. Fragrant leaves. Fern, Adiantum pedantum 2 18" X 18" Fronds fork in finger-like pattern Western Maidenhair Fern High Shade-Part on slender black stems. Fern, Athyrium filix-femina 4 2' X 2' Fine double cut leaves arch up and Lady Fern Med. Shade out. PNP Fern, Athyrium nipponicum 4 10" X 15" Deciduous. Green with silver-gray Japanese Painted Fern Med. Shade-Part on burgundy stems. Fern, Blechnum spicant 7 2' X 2' Low spreading sterile fronds and Deer Fern Med. Shade upright fertile fronds. PNP Fern, Cyrtomium falcatum 8 2' X 2' Evergreen, but tender at 25 degrees Holly Fern High Shade-Part Does well indoors. Fern, Dicksonia antarctica 9 12' X 15' Evergreen. 6' arching fronds. Tasmanian Tree Fern High Shade Protect from frost. Fern, Dryopteris erythrosora 6 18" X 18" Evergreen. New fronds are coppery Autumn Fern Low Shade-Part red, mature to green. Fern, Dryopteris expansa 4 2' X 2' Finely divided upright fronds die Wood Fern Med. Shade-Part down in winter. Fern, Matteuccia struthiopteris 4 3' X 2' Tall deciduous fronds with shorter Ostrich Fern High Shade-Part evergreen fronds. Fern, Osmunda cinnamomea 4 4' X 3' Long bluish-green and reddish-brown Cinnamon Fern High Shade fronds emerge in spring. Fern, Osmunda regalis 4 4' X 4' Large, handsome fronds die down in Royal Fern High Shade winter. Fern, Polystichum munitum 6 3' X 3' Native evergreen. Excellent for Western Sword Fern Low Shade woodsy area. Tolerates dry. PNP Fern, Polystichum polyblepharum 6 2' X 2' Evergreen. Fronds unfurl backwards Tassel Fern High Shade-Part creating a tassel. Fern, Polystichum setiferum 6 2' X 2' Evergreen. Low spreading, finely Alaskan Fern Med. Shade-Part cut fronds. Filipendula palmata 4 3' X 2' Tiny pink flowers in tall umbels, Siberian Meadowsweet Med. Sun-Shade June to August. Good cut. Fragaria 'Lipstick' 4 4" X 24" Evergreen groundcover. Large, rose Lipstick Strawberry Med. Sun-Part colored flowers in Spring. Fragaria chiloensis 4 6" X 1' Native evergreen groundcover. White Wild Strawberry Med. Sun-Part flowers in spring. Red berries. Freesia species 3 15" X 1' Bulb. Fragrant flowers in many Freesia Med. Sun-Part colors in May. Good cut flower. Fritillaria species 5 2-4' X 1' Bulb. Unusual flowers of orange, Fritillaria Med. Sun-Part yellow or checkered purple/white. Fuchsia magellanica 4 3' X 3' Native. Red, white and violet flow- Hardy Fuchsia High Part Shade ers on rounded bush July to frost


Gaillardia grandiflora 3 2' X 2' Daisy-like flowers of yellow, red, Blanket Flower Low Sun orange and maroon June to frost. Galanthus nivalis 3 8" X 8" Bulb. Dainty white bells in Feb. to Snowdrop Med. Shade-Part March. Naturalizes under trees. Galium odoratum 4 8" X 2' Small white flowers on dense mat Sweet Woodruff Med. Shade of green from May to August. Gaultheria procumbens 3 6" X 18" Native evergreen. Pink bell flowers Wintergreen Med. Sun-Shade in spring. Red edible berries. Gaultheria shallon 6 2' X 3' Native evergreen. Pink flowers in Salal Med. Sun-Shade spring. Black edible berries. PNP Gaura lindheimeri 7 18" X 2' Pink buds open into white flowers Gaura Low Sun like white butterflies June-Sept. Gentiana species 3 1' X 1' Dark blue flowers in July to Sept. Gentian High Sun Needs good drainage & acid soil. Geranium species 4 2' X 2' Small to large cut leaves. White to Cranesbill Geranium Med. Sun-Part purple flowers in summer. Geum coccinium 4 1' X 1' Stems of red to copper flowers Geum, Grecian Rose Med. Sun-Part above divided leaves in summer. Gomphrena globosa 4 10" X 1' Rounded flower heads in red, purple Globe Amaranth Med. Sun-Part and white. Excellent dried. Goniolimon tataricum 4 1' X 1' Many branched white flower-head in German Statice Low Sun July-August. Excellent dried. Grass, Acorus gramineus 5 12" X 18" Grass-like leaves resembles tiny Sweet Flag High Sun-Part iris. Likes lots of water. Grass, Arrhenath. elatius bulb. 4 12" X 18" Narrow leaves boldly edged with Bulbous Oat Grass Med. Sun-Part white. Grass, Calamagrostis acutiflora 4 4' X 3' Tall grass with feathery tops. Feather Grass Med. Sun Golden yellow in the Fall. Grass, Carex buchananii 5 2' X 3' Grass-like clumps of reddish bronze Fox Red Curly Sedge High Sun-Part with curly tips. Moist soil. Grass, Carex morrowii expallida 5 12" X 18" Drooping leaves striped with white. Variegated Japane. Sedge High Sun-Part Prefers moist soil. Grass, Carex obnupta 30" X 30" Native evergreen. Great for erosion Slough Sedge High Sun-Shade control. Spreads easily. Grass, Carex testacea 6 16" X 1' Fine blades turn almost orange in Orange Sedge High Sun-Shade sun, olive green in shade. Grass, Carex tumulicola 8 18" X 18" Native evergreen grass. Tuft of Berkeley Sedge Med. Sun-Part narrow green leaves. PNP Grass, Cortaderia sell. 'Pumila' 5 5' X 6' Large clump of grass with white or Ivory Feathers Pampas Gr Any Sun-Part pink plumes in fall. Grass, Deschampsia caespitosa 4 18" X 12" Native. Dark green clump of grass. Tufted Hair Grass High Sun-Part Seed stalks produce plantlets.PNP Grass, Elymus glaucus 4 2' X 2' Native. Dense clumps of blue grass. Blue Wild Rye Low Sun blue grass. PNP Grass, Festuca ovina 'Glauca' 4 10" X 10" Evergreen. Low clumps of fine blue Blue Fescue Grass Low Sun-Part grass. Needs good drainage. Grass, Hakonechloa macra 5 10" X 18" Graceful slender leaves with gold Japanese Forest Grass High Shade stripes. Spreads slowly. Grass, Helictotrichon semperv. 4 2' X 2' Evergreen. Mound of blue grass. Blue Oat Grass Med. Sun Grass, Imperata cylindr. 'Rubra' 5 18" X 18" Top half of stems are blood red. Japanese Blood Grass Med. Sun-Part Purplish in winter. Grass, Juncus effusus 5 2' X 2' Native evergreen. Tolerates wet Soft Rush High Sun-Part soil. J. e. Spiralis is twisted. Grass, Miscanthus sinensis 5 5' X 4' Tall, graceful grass. Tan or brown Japanese Maiden Grass Med. Sun-Shade in winter. Grass, Molinea caerulea 4 5' X 4' Dark green grass. Turns yellow in Moor Grass Med. Sun fall. Grass, Panicum virgatum 4 4' X 3' Blue to red blades in summer. Airy Switch Grass Med. Sun seed heads in fall. Grass, Pennisetum alopecuroides 5 3' X 3' Dense, rounded clump topped with Fountain Grass Low Sun-Part purple flower stalks. Likes dry. Grass, Pennisetum seta. 'Rubrum' 6 4' X 3' Dense, rounded clump topped with Purple Fountain Grass Low Sun-Part purple flower stalks. Likes dry. Grass, Scirpus cernuus 8 8" X 8" Drooping green threadlike leaves Fiber Optic Grass High Part Shade with brown tip. Good in pots. Grass, Scirpus cernuus 9 10" X 10" Small white seed on tip of each Fiber Optic Grass High Sun-Part blade. Grass, Stipa gigantea 6 6' X 6' Clumps of 3' leaves with 6' tall Giant Feather Grass Med. Sun and wide yellowish seed heads. Grass, Stipa tenuissima 7 2' X 2' Deciduous. Soft, fine, bright green Mexican Feather Grass Med. Sun foliage. Gunnera manicata 7 8' X 6' Huge leaves with prominent veins. Dinosaur Plant High Part shade Tiny red fruit. Needs rich soil. Gypsophila paniculata 4 3' X 3' Tiny pink flowers on branched stems Baby's Breath Med. Sun July to October. Good cut.


Helenium autumnale 4 3' X 3' Daisy-like flowers of red, yellow, Sneezeweed Low Sun copper Summer to early Fall. Helianthemum nummularium 4 6" X 1' Red, orange, yellow, pink, peach, & Sunrose Low Sun white flowers in June to August. Helianthus species 4 5' X 2' Tall stalk with yellow flowers from Sunflower High Sun July to September. Good cut. Heliopsis helianthoides 3 3' X 3' Deciduous. Large yellow flowers in Ox Eye High Sun summer. Needs well drained soil. Heliotropium arborescens 9 4' X 4' Tender perennial. Very fragrant Heliotrope High Sun-Part blue flowers in summer. Helleborus foetidus 4 18" X 1' Evergreen. Lacy light green leaves. Bear's Foot Hellebore High Shade-Part Pale green flowers Jan-Apr. Helleborus niger 4 18" X 1' Evergreen. Dark green leaves. White Christmas Rose High Shade-Part flowers turn purplish. Dec-April. Helleborus orientalis 4 18" X 1' Evergreen. Dark green leaves. White, Lenten Rose High Shade-Part pink, red, yellow, green flowers. Hemerocallis hybrids 3 3' X 2' Yellow orange bronze red or white Daylily Med. Sun flowers May to October. Easy care Herniaria glabra 5 2" X 1' Tiny green leaves turn bronzy in Green Carpet Med. Sun-Shade winter. Good groundcover. Hesperis matronalis 5 3' X 2' Old fashioned plant. Fragrant lav- Dame's Rocket Med. Sun-Part ender or pink flowers May-June. Heuchera sanguinea 4 15" X 18" Evergreen. Tall stalks of dainty Coral Bells Med. Sun-Part coral flowers in April-August. Heucherella tiarelloides 4 1' X 2' Hybrids between Heuchera and Tia- Foam Flower Med. Part shade rella. Colorful foliage. Hibiscus moscheutos 4 5' X 5' 8" red, pink, rose or white flowers Rose Mallow Med. Sun from June until frost. Hosta species 3 30" X 18" Colorful leaves with tall stalks of Hosta Med. Shade-Part lavender flowers. Bait for slugs. Hyacinthus orientalis 4 8" X 6" bulb. Very fragrant spikes of blue, Hyacinth Low Sun-Shade white, or purple in April to May. Hypericum calycinum 7 12" X 2' Evergreen. Large yellow flowers St. Johns Wort Med. Sun-Shade in summer.


Iberis sempervirens 4 8" X 1' Evergreen. White flowers in April Candytuft Low Sun cover low mound of small leaves. Incarvillea delavayi 5 3' X 2' Clusters of 3" long purple trumpet Hardy Gloxinia Med. Sun-Part in May-July. Iris "Dutch Hybrid" 5 8" X 5" Bulb. Slender stalks topped by iris Dutch Iris Med. Sun-Part flower in many colors in April. Iris ensata 4 3' X 2' Large white, lavender, purple or Japanese Iris High Sun-Part blue flowers in May. Wet or dry. Iris hybrids 4 3' X 2' Many sizes and colors of flowers in Bearded Iris Med. Sun May and June. Iris sibirica 3 3' X 2' White, yellow, lavender, purple or Siberian Iris High Sun-Part blue flowers in May. Wet or dry. Iris tenax 5 15" X 18" Oregon iris Low Sun-Part or white. Drought tolerant. PNP


Kirengeshoma palmata 4 4' X 3' Palmate leaves with yellow flowers Yellow Waxbells Med. Shade-Part in August. Kniphofia uvaria 6 3' X 2' Spikes of orange-red flowers June Red Hot Poker Low Sun to August. Attracts hummingbirds.


Lamium maculatum 4 6" X 2' Silver leaves. Pink or white Deadnettle Med. Part Shade flowers in May-July. Lavandula species 6 3' X 3' Evergreen. Gray leaves with fra- Lavender Low Sun grant lavender flowers July-Aug. Lavatera thuringiaca 6 5' X 5' Evergreen. Hollyhock like pink Tree Mallow Low Sun flowers all summer. Leontipodium alpinum 3 6" X 8" White woolly leaves. Flowers and Edelweis Med. Sun-Part floral leaves in May to July. Leptinella squalida 5 1" X 1' Evergreen. Gray to black fern like Brass Buttons Med. Sun-Shade leaves. Tolerates foot traffic. Leucanthemum x superbum 4 2-4' X 2' Large white single or double Shasta Daisy Med. Sun-Part flowers May to October. Good cut. Leucojum vernum 6" X 6" Bulb. Clusters of white bells in Snowflake Med. Shade March. Naturalizes under trees. Lewisia cotyledon 4 10" X 5" Evergreen. Pink to orange flowers Siskiyou Lewisia Low Sun-Part in May-Aug. above rosette leaves. Liatris spicata 3 2' X 1' Narrow plume of fluffy rose-purple Spike Gayfeather Low Sun flowers July-Sept. Excellent cut. Libertia peregrinans 7 18" x 18" Narrow leaves are bright orange on New Zealand Iris Med. Sun-Shade the edges. White flowers Spring. Ligularia dentata 4 3' X 30" Large heart-shaped red leaves with Golden Ray Med. Shade-Part yellow flowers August to Sept. Ligularia tussilaginea (Farfugiu 8 2' X 2' Thick leaves with yellow spots. Leopard Plant Med. Sun-Part Yellow flowers. Good indoors. Lilium asiatic hybrids 4 3' X 18" Many colors of very fragrant Asian Lily Med. Sun flowers in late summer. Good cut. Limonium latifolium 4 2' X 18" White and blue or pink flowers from Sea Lavender Low Sun May to July. Needs good drainage. Linaria purpurea 3' X 1' Purple snapdragon-like flowers all Toadflax Med. Sun summer and fall. Linum lewisii 5 15" X 12" Native. Delicate blue flowers on Blue Flax Low Sun slender stalks. Drought tolerant. Linum perenne 5 18" X 12" Profuse light blue flowers May to Perennial blue flax Low Sun September. Fern-like leaves. Liriope species 5 15" X 18" Clumps of grass-like leaves with Lilyturf Med. Shade-Part spikes of blue flowers July-Oct. Lithodora diffusa 5 5" X 3' Evergreen. Brilliant blue flowers Lithospermum Med. Sun-Part May to July. Likes good drainage. Lobelia cardinalis 5 3' X 1' Flame red flowers in June-July at- Cardinal Flower Med. Sun tract hummingbirds & butterflies. Lupinus hybrid 3 30" X 18" Stately flower spikes up to 1' from Hybrid Lupine Med. Sun June to August. Good cut flowers. Lychnis coronaria 6 2' X 18" Silky white foliage. Magenta to Rose campion Low Sun-Part crimson flowers from May to July. Lysimachia nummularia 3 6" X 3' Evergreen. Yellow flowers in Creeping Jenny High Shade-Part summer. Good groundcover.


Matricaria recutia 8" X 1' Fine cut fern-like leaves with Feverfew, Chamomile Low Sun white & yellow flowers June-July Mazus reptans 5 2" X 18" Evergreen groundcover. Blue flowers Mazus Med. Sun-Part in spring. Moist well drained. Meconopsis betonicifolia 4 3' X 18" Sky blue poppies on a tall leafy Himalayan Blue Poppy Med. Shade-Part stem in June to July. Mentha requienii 5 1" X 1' Evergreen. Very low. Very fragrant Corsican Mint High Shade-Part when bruised or crushed. Mertensia virginica 3 20" X 1' Native. Pink turning to blue petti- Virginia Bluebells Med. Shade-Part coat flowers in April and May. Monarda didyma 4 2' X 18" White, scarlet, or purple flowers Bee balm, Bergamot Med. Sun June-August attract hummingbirds. Muehlenbeckia axillaris 3 5" X 15" Evergreen groundcover. Translucent Creeping Wire Vine Med. Sun-Part white fruit with black seeds. Muscari armeniacum 4 6" X 6" Bulb. Bright blue flowers on 6" Grape Hyacinth Low Sun-Part spikes in March and April. Myosotis sylvatica 3 8" X 8" Blue, pink, or white flowers May to Forget-Me-Not Med. Sun-Shade September. Spreads easily.


Narcissus species 4 2' X 1' Bulb. Yellow, orange, or white flow- Daffodils Low Sun-Part ers in March to April. Easy. Nepeta faassenii 4 3' X 2' Violet blue flowers above blue-gray Catmint Low Sun-Part leaves July to September.


Oenothera missouriensis 5 6" X 16" Large, light yellow flowers May to Missouri Primrose Low Sun-Part September. Good groundcover. Ophiopogon japonicus 6 8" X 10" Evergreen. Dark green tufts like Mondo Grass Med. Sun-Shade grass. Lilac flowers in summer. Ophiopogon planisca. 'Nigra' 5 10" X 2' Evergreen. Glossy black leaves. Black Mondo Grass Med. Sun-Part Lilac flowers in late summer. Osteospermum barberae 4 12" X 18" Purple flowers from fall to spring. African Daisy Med. Shade-Part Needs good drainage. Oxalis oregana 3 7" X 30" Native groundcover for shade. White Wood sorrel Med. Shade-Part flowers April-June. PNP


Pachysandra terminalis 5 8" X 1' Evergreen. White flower spikes. Japanese Spurge High Shade-Part Dark green leaves. Groundcover. Paeonia lactiflora 4 2' X 2' Ever popular plant in many colors Bush Peony Med. Sun-Part in May. Good cut flowers. Paeonia suffruticosa 6 5' X 5' Large flowers up to 1' across in Tree Peony Med. Sun-Part many colors in May. Some double. Papaver nudicaule 2 15" X 10" 3-4" flowers in many colors from Iceland Poppy Low Sun-Part April to September. Good cut. Papaver orientalis 3 3' X 18" Large hairy divided leaves. 3-6" Oriental Poppy Low Sun-Part flowers in May to June. Parahebe perfoliata 7 2' X 3' Evergreen. Bluish-gray foliage. Digger's Speedwell Med. Sun-Part Blue-violet flowers May-August. Penstemon species 5 2' X 2' Soft pink to deep purple flowers Penstemon, Beard Tongue Low Sun June-Sep. Attracts hummingbirds. Perovskia atriplicifolia 5 4' X 3' Gray-green leaves. Violet blue Russian Sage Low Sun flower spikes July to Sept. Phlomis fruticosa 6 4' X 3' Silver-gray leaves. Yellow flowers Jerusalem Sage Low Sun attract bees and butterflies. Phlox paniculata 4 2' X 2' Many colors available, some with a Summer Phlox Any Sun contrasting eye. Phlox subulata 3 4" X 1' Evergreen. Dense mat of color in Creeping Phlox Med. Sun May-June. Needs good drainage. Phormium tenax 8 2-5' X 8' Dramatic clumps of strap-like leaves New Zealand Flax Any Sun-Part with red flowers. Salt tolerant. Phygelius capensis 7 3' X 3' Red, coral, pink or yellow tubular Cape Fuchsia Low Sun-Shade flowers all summer. Physostegia virginiana 3 3' X 2' Tall spikes of pink or white flow- Obedient Plant Med. Sun-Part ers in late summer. Platycodon grandiflorus 4 3' X 2' Balloon-like buds open to blue pink Baloon Flower Med. Part Shade or white flowers June to August. Plumbago auriculata 9 5' X 8' Semi-evergreen. White to blue Cape Plumbago Low Sun flowers April until frost. Polemonium caeruleum 4 2' X 1' Clusters of sky blue flowers above Jacob's Ladder High Sun-Shade ladder-like leaves June to August Polygonatum biflorum 3 30" X 2' Pairs of greenish white flowers on Solomon's Seal Med. Shade-Part arching stems. Blue-black berries Potentilla verna nana 3 4" X 1' Groundcover. Yellow flowers in Dwarf Potentilla Med. Sun summer. Pratia pedunculata 4 3" X 1' Evergreen. Blue star-like flowers Blue Star Creeper Med. Sun-Part in late spring and summer. Primula species 5 6" X 6" Hardy flowers in late winter in Primroses High Sun-Part many colors. Needs good drainage. Pulmonaria species 4 1' X 18" Dark green leaves with white spots. Lungwort Med. Shade-Part Deep blue flowers in June & July. Pulsatilla vulgaris 5 1' x 1' Low mound of feathery leaves. Pasque Flower Med. Sun-Part Violet flowers in spring.


Ranunculus asiaticus 4 15" X 1' Large yellow, orange, red, pink, or Persian Ranunculus Med. Sun white flowers in April to June. Raoulia australis 7 3" X 1' Evergreen groundcover. Tiny gray Raoulia Med. Sun leaves. Needs perfect drainage. Ratibida pinnata 4 4' X 2' Yellow ray flowers with brown cent- Prairie Coneflower Med. Sun ers. Rheum palmatum 3 4' X 3' Deciduous. Green, bronze & dark red Ornamental Rhubarb High Sun-Part leaves. Red flower stalks in May. Rhodohypoxis baurii 4 4" X 4" Mass of rose red flowers in spring Rhodohypoxis Med. Sun and summer. Good rock garden. Rodgersia aesculifolia 5 5' X 3' Creamy white flowers late spring to Rodger's Flower High Shade-Part early summer. Huge fingered leaf. Romneya coulteri 4 6' X 3' Fragrant large white flowers May Matilija Poppy Low Sun to July. Good cut flowers. Rosmarinus officinalis 8 2' X 5' Aromatic leaves with blue flowers Rosemary Low Sun in spring. Needs good drainage. Rubus pentalobus 6 6" X 3' Evergreen groundcover. Small white Creeping Raspberry Low Sun-Part flowers. Edible fruit. Rudbeckia hirta 3 30" X 2' Large yellow flowers with brown Black Eyed Susan Med. Sun center from June to October.


Sagina sublata 4 2" X 1' Dense mat of dark green with small Irish Moss Med. Sun-Part white flowers in spring. Sagina sublata 'Aurea' 4 2" X 1' Dense mat of light green with small Scotch Moss Med. Sun-Part white flowers in spring. Salvia species 7 1-3' X 2' Narrow gray-green leaves. Fragrant Garden Sage Low Sun-Part blue or pink flowers June-August. Santolina chamaecyparissus 7 18" X 2' Silvery-gray, finely divided leaves Lavender Cotton Low Sun are fragrant when crushed. Saponaria species 3 1' X 3' Dark, oval leaves with pink flowers Soapwort Low Sun in spring. Good groundcover. Saxifraga species 4 1' X 18" Small white star-like flowers with Rockfoil Med. Shade-Part a reddish tinge in April-June. Scabiosa columbaria 5 18" X 18" Blue, pink or white flowers June to Pincushion Low Sun-Part frost. Good cut or dried. Scaevola aemula 9 6" X 3' Evergreen. Lavender blue flowers Fan Flowers Med. Sun almost all year. Good groundcover Schizostylis coccinea 7 2' X 2' Cup-shaped red to pink flowers over Kaffir Lily Med. Sun-Part iris-like leaves in fall. Sedum oreganum 7 3" X 1' Native evergreen groundcover. Oregon Stonecrop L-M Sun Yellow flowers in summer. PPL Sedum species 4 3" X 1' Evergreen. Heat and drought resis- Creeping Stonecrop Low Sun-Part tant. White to purple flowers. Sedum species 4 18" X 15" Succulent leaves with large pink, Fall Sedum Low Sun-Part red, or orange flowers in fall. Selaginella kraussiana 7 2" X 1' Evergreen. Dense mat with great Spikemoss High Part Shade color in shade gardens. Sempervivum species 4 6" X 12" Rosettes of green and purple leaves Hen and Chicks Low Sun-Part Red or yellow flowers in summer. Senecio greyi 8 3' X 3' Evergreen. Silvery leaves with Daisy Bush Low Sun yellow daisy flowers in summer. Sidalcea malviflora 6 3' X 2' Pink or red flowers resemble holly- Checkerbloom Med. Sun-Part hocks. Attracts hummingbirds. Silene species 5 12" X 15" Groundcover. Magenta to cream flow- Moss Campion Med. Sun-Part ers in spring. Sisyrinchium angustifolium 3 1' X 1' Green or bluish leaves. Purple & Blue-eyed Grass Med. Sun yellow flowers in May to June. Sisyrinchium idahoensis 2 12" X 12" Native. Thin, grass-like leaves. Idaho Blue-eyed Grass Low Sun Purple flowers on tip of stalk. Smilacina racemosa 3 3' X 1' Tall plumes of fuzzy white flowers. False Solomon's Seal High Shade-Part Red & white speckled fruit. PNP Soleirolia soleirolii 7 1" X 1' Evergreen. Dense mat. Tolerates Baby Tears Med. Shade foot traffic. Solidago species 5 2' X 18" Large clusters of golden yellow Goldenrod Med. Sun-Part flowers July to October. Stachys byzantina 4 1' X 2' Soft, white, woolly leaves. Small Lamb's Ear Low Sun-Part purplish flower spikes in June. Stokesia laevis 5 18" X 18" Aster-like flowers of blue, violet, Stokes Aster Med. Sun or white in June to September.


Syneilesis palmata 5 18" X 18" Umbrella of finely divided leaves. Shredded Umbrella Plant Low Shade-Part Light pink flowers in June-July. Tanacetum coccineum 5 30" x 18" Pink to red daisies in June-July. Painted Daisy Med. Sun Natural insecticide. Thalictrum species 5 3' X 2' Airy plants with fuzzy flowers in Meadow Rue High Sun-Part white, pink or purple. Thymus species 4 4" X 1' Aromatic leaves with tiny red to Thyme Low Sun-Part blue flowers. Good groundcover. Tiarella cordifolia 4 8" X 2' Fast spreading groundcovers. White Foamflower High Shade-Part to pink flowers. Tolmiea menziesii 7 15" X 2' Native groundcover. Tiny reddish Piggyback Plant High Shade-Part flowers. PNP Tradescantia virginiana 3 18" X 18" Arching branches with white or blue Spiderwort High Part Shade flowers in summer. Tricyrtis hirta 6 2' X 2' Purple spotted flowers in spring. Toad Lily High Shade-Part spring. Trifolium repens 'Dark Dancer' 4 4" x 1' Evergreen groundcover. Low mat with Dark Dancer Clover Med. Sun-Part dark spots on leaves. White flwrs Trillium ovatum 4 1' X 6" Native. Three leaves. White flowers Trillium High Shade-Part turn red in March. Tritelaia hyacinthina 4 15" X 15" Native bulb. Clusters of white/pur- White Brodiaea Med. Sun plish flowers in June-July. Trollius species 3 2' X 2' Deciduous. Gold or yellow flowers Globeflower High Sun-Part May-June. Tulipa species 4 6-24" X 8" Bulb. Many colors of flowers in Tulip Med. Sun-Part March to May. Needs good drainage Typha latifolia 4 6' X 4' Native bog plant. Makes thick Cattails High Sun clumps in moist soil. PNP


Veratrum californicum 3 5' X 2' Native. Green flowers May-June. California Corn Lily High Shade-Part Deep veined leaves. Poisonous root. Verbascum species 5 3' X 1' White woolly leaves. Yellow or Mullein Low Sun-Part purple flowers in summer. Verbena hyb. 'Homestead Purple' 6 10" X 3' Evergreen. Purple flowers spring to Homestead Purple Verbena Med. Sun fall. Good groundcover. Veronica species 4 2' X 1' Deep blue or red flower spikes. Speedwell Med. Sun-Part 'Red Fox' is good for cut flowers Vinca minor 4 1' X 3' Evergreen. Blue, white or purple Periwinkle Med. Sun-Shade flowers in spring and summer. Viola glabella 6 8" X 8" Native. Small heart-shaped flowers. Yellow Wood Violet Med. Shade-Part Small yellow spring flowers. PNP Viola odorata 6 6" X 1' Dark purple flowers and a lovely Sweet Violet Med. Sun-Shade fragrance in February to April. Viola wittrockiana 5 6" X 6" Winter pansies in many colors can Pansy Med. Sun-Shade bloom all year in part shade.


Waldestenia fragarioides 2 3" X 8" Evergreen. Strawberry-like plant. Barren Strawberry Med. Sun-Part Yellow flowers in spring.


Xerophyllum tenax 3 5' X 3" Native evergreen. Grass like leaves Beargrass Low Sun-Part and creamy plume flowers.


Zantedeschia species 2 2' X 2' White, yellow or pink flowers in Calla Lily High Sun-Part May. Zauschneria species 3 5" X 18" Deciduous. Orange scarlet flowers California Fuchsia Low Sun-Part in summer attract hummingbirds.

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