Salvation: Walking Through Life Holding Onto the Father's Hand

by Joe Tanner

Life was meant to be lived out like a father and child walking down a path hand in hand. Satan's goal is to get us to let go of God's hand. He doesn't care why we let go, just that we do. He scatters all kinds of opportunities on the ground along our path of life. In order to pick up one of these opportunities, we must let go of the Father's hand. He won't bend down to enable us, and we can't reach His hand and the opportunity at the same time. The definition of sin is choosing to let go of the Father's hand so we can pick up one of these opportunities. Once we pick one up, we cannot put our hand back in the hand of the Father's. To do that, we need to tell Father what we have done (confess) and let it go (repent). Once we do that, we can again walk along hand in hand with the Father.

Godly Version of the Lord's Prayer:

Our Father in heaven, I want to always be with You walking hand in hand with You talking with You. I recognize You are good, You are for me, You delight in me, You want me well cared for. You are proud of me and want to show me off.

I want to enjoy what You have to offer. What I can see of Your home is amazing, so I want to keep hold of You.

There is no need for me to let go of You, so I can earn my way. You are far better at provision than I am.

It is not worth letting go of you to defend myself or collect my debts. That would be a dumb choice.

The enemy knows my secret is holding on to You, so he is littering my path with enticing offers, trying to get me to let go, but it won't work.

No, I am determined that nothing will entice me to let go of Your hand, that is how I want to live forever.

Satan's Perversion of the Lord's Prayer:

Your Father in heaven is very busy, He has lots to do and gets upset if you bother Him very often. He is awesome, but so are you.

He is in heaven now, but that doesn't help you here and now. Besides, God helps those who help themselves.

If you are going to make it in life, you need to get after it. You can't spend all of your time dreaming about heaven. God knows your heart, that you love Him, and He doesn't expect You to sit around while life passes you by.

Make sure you seize the opportunities that come along, and don't let others get in your way. God doesn't expect you to roll over and play dead. Stand up for your rights.

You only have one life to live, don't miss out on the incredible opportunities available. God wants you to have fun, so relax and enjoy life.

You will have heaven to spend with God. For now, find out who you are and be the best you can be.

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