Baby Savages

by Rod Smith

© 2002-2023 Rodney A. Smith

Babies are cute, sweet and precious but as a father of three young children and two grown children, I have noticed that babies are like little savages. They only care about getting what they want right now. They will do anything they can think of to get it. I had to repeatedly correct my toddlers: "No hit. No kick. No bite. No scratch. No screech." They would be dangerous if they weren't so helpless.

Children do respond well to love and patient teaching. In about fifteen years, they can be trained to be barbarians. Teenagers are still mainly interested in getting what they want but they have learned more socially acceptable ways to get it. However, they are no longer helpless and can be very dangerous. The vast majority of crimes are committed by young males. I used to think that only males were barbarians until I realized that females fight with words instead of fists.

In another ten or fifteen years, barbarians usually mature into civilized adults who have learned to be responsible and dependable members of society. They have learned to consider other peoples needs and feelings. They will often give up their own wants in order to satisfy someone else's needs.

The most common factor that turns a barbarian into a civilized adult is to have a family. There is a sobering and steadying influence in being committed to maintaining a relationship. This is even stronger when a baby comes into the family. Suddenly a helpless individual is totally dependent on his or her parents for their every need. The parents have to give up time, activities, even sleep, to care for this new responsibility.

How ironic that baby savages are mainly responsible for turning barbarians into civilized adults.

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