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by Rod Smith

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Low = under 15 feet, Medium = 15 feet to 25 feet, Tall = over 25 feet

Scientific name          USDA Zone Height X Width      Description
  Common name                Water Exposure


Abies fraseri 4 50' X 20' Pyramidal evergreen. Short, dark Fraser Fir Med. Sun-Part green needles. Abies grandis 5 100' X 25' Native. Pyramidal evergreen. Likes Grand Fir Med. Sun-Part cool, moist soil. PPL Abies kor. "Horstman's Silberloc 4 25' X 10' Evergreen. Dark green needles with Horstman's Silberlock Fi Med. Sun silver bands. Abies lasiocarpa 5 25' X 15' Native evergreen. Slow growing. Alpine Fir Med. Sun-Part Likes cool, moist soil. Abies procera 5 90' X 20' Native pyramidal evergreen. Short Noble Fir Med. Sun-Part stiff branches. Likes cool, moist Acer buergeranum 6 20' X 20' Rounded shape. Red/orange leaves in Trident Maple Med. Sun-Part fall. Acer campestre 5 30' X 30' Dense, rounded, tough tree. Corky Hedge Maple Med. Sun-Part bark. Yellow fall leaves. Acer circinatum 6 15' X 10' Native tree with multiple trunks. Vine Maple Med. Sun-Part Red fall leaves. PPL Acer ginnala 2 20' X 20' Vase shaped tree. Small leaves turn Amur Maple Med. Sun-Part bright orange in fall. Acer griseum 5 25' X 20' Reddish brown bark peels like Paper Bark Maple Med. Sun-Part paper. Brilliant red in fall. Acer japonicum 5 20' X 15' Outstanding orange-red leaves in Full Moon Maple Med. Sun-Part the fall. Acer macrophyllum 5 50' X 30' Native. Large spreading shade tree Bigleaf Maple Med. Sun-Part with big leaves. Yellow in fall. PPL Acer miyabei 4 50' X 35' Drought and cold tolerant. Clean, Miyabei Maple Med. Sun pest free foliage. Yellow in fall Acer negundo 'Variegatum' 5 25' X 20' Compound leaves are green and Variegated Box Elder Med. Sun-Part creamy white. Acer palmatum 5 20' X 20' Vase shaped tree. Red, green or Japanese Maple Med. Sun-Part variegated leaves. Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku' 5 20' X 15' Vase shaped. Yellow fall leaves. Coral Bark Japane. Maple Med. Sun-Part Coral colored bark. Acer platanoides 4 40' X 30' Upright oval shape. Red to orange- Norway Maple Med. Sun red leaves in fall. Acer platanoides 'Crimson King' 4 40' X 35' Rounded shape. Purple leaves all Crimson King Norway Map. Med. Sun Summer, turn darker in the fall. Acer rubrum 3 40' X 30' Pyramidal shape. Bright red leaves Red Maple Med. Sun in the fall. Acer rubrum 'Armstrong' 3 45' X 15' Fast growing. Columnar shape. Armstrong Red Maple Med. Sun Yellow to red fall leaves. Acer saccharinum 3 55' X 40' Fast growing. Upright oval shape. Silver Maple Med. Sun Yellow fall leaves. Acer saccharum 4 45' X 40' Broad rounded shape. Orange or red Sugar Maple Med. Sun fall leaves. Very thick shade. Acer tataricum 3 25' X 20' Oval to rounded shape. Yellow to Tatarian Maple Med. Sun orange-red fall leaves. Aesculus carnea 5 30' X 30' Rounded shape gives dense shade. Red Horsechestnut Low Sun-Part Red flowers in April and May. Aesculus hippocastanum 3 50' X 50' Large rounded shape. Large inedible Horsechestnut Med. Sun nuts. Yellow fall leaves. Albizia julibrissin 6 20' X 30' Spreading umbrella shape. Pink pin- Silk Tree Med. Sun cushion flowers in June. Alnus rubra 4 50' X 30' Native. Fast growing. Likes wet Red Alder High Sun-Part soil. Yellow fall leaves. Amelanchier alnifolia 4 10' x 10' Native. White flowers followed by Saskatoon Med. Sun-Part dark fruit. Attracts birds. PPL Amelanchier grandiflora 4 20' X 15' White flowers in spring. Bright red Apple Serviceberry Med. Sun-Shade orange fall leaves. Araucaria auracana 7 50' X 25' Evergreen. Rope-like branches with Monkey Puzzle Tree Med. Sun closely set, sharp leaves. Arbutus hybrid 'Marina' 7 30' X 15' Evergreen. Pink flowers in fall Marina Strawberry Tree Low Sun Red fruit in spring. Arbutus menziesii 7 20-50' X 20' Native evergreen. White flowers. Madrone Low Sun Red fruit attract birds.


Betula jacquemonti 5 40' X 30' White bark. Yellow fall leaves. Himalayan White Birch Med. Sun Upright branches. Betula nigra 4 40' X 35' Bark peels to tan/orange. Resistant River Birch Med. Sun to bronze birch borer. Betula papyrifera 2 50' X 35' Oval shape. White bark. Yellow fall Paper Or Canoe Birch Med. Sun leaves. Resistant to birch borer. Betula pendula 2 45' X 30' White bark. Yellow fall leaves. European White Birch Med. Sun-Part Drooping branch tips. Betula pendula 'Youngii' 2 15' X 20' Asymmetric weeping shape. Yellow Weeping European Birch Med. Sun fall leaves.


Calocedrus decurrens 6 75' X 20' Native pyramidal evergreen. Fra- Incense Cedar Low Sun-Part grant twigs used for garlands. Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' 5 35' X 25' Dense columnar tree. Yellow in fall Colum. European Hornbeam Med. Sun Almost insect and disease free. Catalpa speciosa 5 50' X 35' Large, open tough tree. Orchid-like Northern Catalpa Med. Sun flowers in spring. Bean-like pods Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca' 6 60' X 40' Evergreen. Open pyramidal shape. Blue Atlas Cedar Low Sun Blue needles. Cedrus atlantica 'Pendula' 6 10' X 4' Evergreen. Can be staked as column Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Low Sun or waterfall. Green needles. Cedrus deodara 7 60' X 25' Evergreen. Pyramidal blue-green Deodar Cedar Low Sun needles. Drooping branches. Cedrus deodara 'Aurea' 7 60' X 25' Evergreen. Open pyramidal shape. Golden Deodar Cedar Low Sun Golden needles. Cedrus deodara 'Pendula' 7 10' X 4' Evergreen. Can be staked as column Weeping Deodar Cedar Low Sun or waterfall. Blue-green needles. Cedrus libani 6 40' X 20' Evergreen. Slow growing. Bright Cedar Of Lebanon Low Sun green needles. Cedrus libani 'Sargentii' 6 10' X 4' Evergreen. Slow growing. Can be Weeping Cedar Of Lebanon Low Sun staked as column or waterfall. Cercidiphyllum japonicum 5 40' X 40' Bronzy new leaves in spring turn Katsura Tree Med. Sun-Shade orange or yellow in the fall. Cercidiphyllum japonicum pendula 5 25' X 20' Weeping Shape. Bronzy new leaves Weeping Katsura Tree Med Sun-Part turn orange or yellow in the fall Cercis canadensis 5 25' X 30' Vase shaped. Pink sweet pea flowers Eastern Redbud Med. Sun-Part in April. Yellow fall leaves. Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' 6 20' X 25' Vase shaped. Pink sweet pea flowers Forest Pansy Redbud Med. Sun-Part in April. Purple leaves. Cercis chinensis 6 10' X 10' Upright rounded shape. Pink sweet Chinese Redbud Med. Sun-Part pea flowers in April. Light bark. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 6 40' X 20' Native evergreen. Pyramidal shape Port Orford Cedar Med. Sun-Part with drooping branches. Chamaecyparis nootkat. 'Pendula' 7 30' X 10' Evergreen. Irregular pyramidal Weeping Alaska Cedar Med. Sun-Part shape. Weeping branches. Chamaecyparis pi.'Cyano-Viridis' 4 8' X 4' Evergreen. Blue-green foliage. Slow Boulevard False Cypress Med. Sun-Part growing and dense. Chamaerops humilis 8 12' X 12' Evergreen. Large fan shaped leaves. Mediterranean Fan Palm Med. Sun-Part Spines on leaf stalks. Chionanthus retusus 5 20' X 20' Large, white flowers in June and Chinese Fringe Tree Med. Sun July. Bright yellow fall leaves. Cladrastis lutea 4 30' X 40' Slow growing. Very fragrant white Yellowwood Med. Sun flowers in May. Yellow in fall. Clerodendrum trichotomum 7 15' X 15' Fragrant red and white flowers in Harlequin Glorybower Med. Sun-Part July. Metallic blue berries. Cornus alternifolia 3 20' X 20' Deciduous. Layered branches. White Pagoda Dogwood Med. Sun-Part flowers. Red fall leaves. Cornus florida 5 20' X 20' White or pink flowers in April and Eastern Flowerng Dogwood Med. Sun-Shade May. Red fall leaves. Cornus kousa 5 20' X 20' White or pink flowers in May-June. Kousa Dogwood Med. Sun-Part Resistant to Anthracnose disease. Cornus mas 5 20' X 20' Yellow flowers in early spring. Red Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Med. Sun-Part fall leaves and edible berries. Cornus nuttallii 4 40' X 20' Native. Large white flowers in May. Pacific Dogwood Low Sun-Part Red fall leaves. Likes dry. PPL Crataegus douglasii 5 20'X 15' Native. Clusters of white flowers. Oregon Hawthorn Med. Sun-Part Large edible scarlet berries. Crataegus lavellei 4 25' X 20' White flowers in spring. Clusters Lavelle's Hawthorn Low Sun-Part of red berries in fall. Thorns. Crataegus oxycantha 'Paulii' 4 20' X 20' Small pink flowers in April and Paul's Scarlet Hawthorn Low Sun-Part May. No thorns. Crataegus suksdorfii 7 20' X 15' Native. White flowers in spring. Klamath Hawthorn Low Sun-Part Black fruit. Thorns Cryptomeria japonica 5 20" X 10' Evergreen. Feathery foliage. Green Japanese Cedar Low Sun-Part in summer. Purplish in winter. Cunninghamia lanceolata 6 20' X 12' Evergreen. Flat needles are soft Chinese Blue Fir Med. Sun blue. Cupressocyp. ley. 'Castlewellan' 5 30' X 10' Dense pyramidal evergreen. Fast Golden Leyland Cypress Med. Sun growing. Golden color. Cupressocyparis leylandii 5 40' X 10' Dense pyramidal evergreen. Fast Leyland Cypress Med. Sun growing. Green or blue foliage. Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest' 7 40' X 15' Narrow evergreen. Yellow foliage. Goldcrest Cypress Low Sun-Part Lemon scented. Cupressus glabra 6 25' X 4' Narrow evergreen. Blue-green Arizona Cypress Low Sun-Part foliage. Cupressus sempervirens 'Glauca' 7 45' X 4' Columnar evergreen. Blue-green Blue Italian Cypress Low Sun foliage.


Davidia involucrata 6 40' X 30' Unusual white flowers in early Dove Tree Med. Sun-Part summer.


Elaeocarpus decipiens 8 50' X 25' Evergreen. Tiny fragrant white flo- Japanese Blueberry Tree Med. Sun wers. Blue berries in winter. Eucalyptus species 8 50' X 25' Attractive leaves in different Eucalyptus Low Sun-Part shapes and colors.


Fagus sylvatica 4 50' X 40' Broad cone shape. Smooth bark. European Beech Med. Sun Green or purple leaves. Fagus sylvatica 'Fastigiata' 4 50' X 15' Tall, narrow shape. Smooth bark. Columnar European Beech Med. Sun Green or purple leaves. Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Pend.' 5 10' X 15' Weeping shape with purple leaves. Weeping Copper Beech Med. Sun Stake to desired height. Fagus sylvatica 'Roseomarginata' 4 30' X 20' Slow growing. Purple leaves are Tricolor Beech Med. Sun edged with white & pink. Ficus carica 7 20' X 15' Edible green, yellow or purple figs Edible Fig Med. Sun in summer. Franklinia alatamaha 5 25' X 10' 3" wide flowers in late summer. Franklinia Tree High Sun-Part Scarlet leaves in fall. Fraxinus americana 4 45' X 30' Bronze to purple fall color. Named White Ash Med. Sun varieties are seedless. Fraxinus oxycarpa 'Raywood' 6 45' X 30' Fast growing. Pest free. Red leaves Raywood Ash Low Sun in fall. Fraxinus pennsylvan. 'Marshall' 3 50' X 40' Large dense shade tree in Summer. Marshall Seedless Ash Low Sun Sunny in winter. Yellow in fall.


Ginkgo biloba 4 45' X 35' Large pyramidal shape. Pest free. Maidenhair Tree Med. Sun-Part Yellow leaves in fall. Ginkgo biloba 'Princeton Sentry' 4 40' X 15' Narrow pyramidal shape. Bright yel- Princeton Sentry Ginkgo Med. Sun low fall leaves. No smelly fruit. Gleditsia tricanthos inermis 4 40' X 35' Open, irregular shape gives light Thornless Honeylocust Med. Sun-Part shade. Yellow fall leaves. Gymnocladus dioicus 4 50' X 35' Large doubly compound leaves drop Kentucky Coffee Tree Med. Sun to allow filtered sun in winter.


Halesia carolina 5 25' X 15' Clusters of snow white flowers in Carolina Silver Bell Med. Part Shade May. Yellow leaves in fall. Halesia monticola 5 40' X 25' Clusters of snow-white bell-shaped Mountain Silver Bell Med. Part Sun flowers in May. Winged brown seed


Ilex aquifolium 6 15' X 6' Evergreen. Shiny, spiny leaves. Red English Holly Med. Sun-Shade berries on female plants.


Juglans nigra 4 75' X 60' Pinnate compound leaves turn Yellow. Black Walnut Med. Sun-Shade Flavorful edible nuts in fall.


Koelreuteria paniculata 5 30' X 30' Yellow flowers in summer. Goldenrain Tree Low Sun-Part Yellow fall leaves.


Laburnum alpinum 'Pendulum' 6 8' X 8' Long weeping branches. Chains of Weeping Goldenchain Med. Sun-Part yellow flowers in May-June. Laburnum watereri 'Vossi' 5 25' X 20' Long chains of yellow flowers in Golden Chain Med. Sun-Part June. Open vase shape. Larix decidua 3 40' X 20' Deciduous conifer. Grass green European Larch Med. Sun needles in spring. Larix decidua 'Pendula' 3 8' X 4' Deciduous conifer. Grass green Weeping European Larch Med. Sun needles in spring. Liquidambar styraciflua 5 45' X 30' Pyramidal shape. Beautiful red, Sweetgum Low Sun-Part orange and yellow leaves in fall. Liriodendron tulipifera 5 60' X 30' Fast growing. Yellow fall leaves. Tulip Tree Med. Sun Yellow flowers in spring.


Magnolia grandiflora 7 50' X 20' Evergreen. Large, fragrant white Southern Magnolia Med. Sun-Part flowers June to September. Magnolia soulangiana 5 20' X 20' Pink, white or purple flowers in Saucer Magnolia Med. Sun-Part April and May. Magnolia stellata 5 15' X 10' White flowers in April and May. Star Magnolia Med. Sun-Part Yellow fall leaves. Malus domestica 4 20' X 20' White flowers in May. Freedom Apple Med. Sun Liberty & Redfree resist diseases Malus species 4 25' X 20' White, pink or red flowers in April Flowering Crabapple Med. Sun and May. Small red fruit. Metasequoia glyptostroboides 5 70' X 25' Deciduous conifer. Light brown Dawn Redwood Med. Sun bark. Soft green new needles. Morus nigra 4 25' X 15' Large, heart-shaped leaves. Dense Russian Mulberry Med. Sun head. Large red, edible fruit.


Nyssa sylvatica 5 30' X 20' Tolerates poor soil and drought. Black Gum, Tupelo Any Sun-Part Outstanding red leaves in fall.


Oxydendrum arboreum 5 20' X 15' Clusters of white flowers in July. Sourwood Med. Sun Brilliant orange/red fall leaves.


Parrotia persica 5 30' X 20' Yellow/pink/scarlet fall leaves. Persian Witchhazel Med. Sun Flaking gray and white bark. Paulownia tomentosa 7 40' X 40' Fast growing. Large leaves. Large Empress Tree Med. Sun fragrant blue flowers in Spring. Picea abies 2 80' X 30' Pyramidal evergreen. Fast growing. Norway Spruce Low Sun Picea abies 'Pendula' 2 8' X 4' Evergreen. Weeping branches. Stake Weeping Norway Spruce Low Sun to desired height. Picea omorika 4 35' X 10' Evergreen. Narrow, pyramidal form. Serbian Spruce Low Sun Double white bands on needles. Picea omorika 'Nana' 4 8' X 8' Evergreen. Rounded shape. Bluish Dwarf Serbian Spruce Low Sun needles. Picea pungens 'Glauca' 2 60' X 20' Pyramidal evergreen. Blue color Colorado Blue Spruce Low Sun varies. 100 years to full size. Picea sitchensis 5 150' X 30' Native pyramidal evergreen. Moist Sitka Spruce Med. Sun-Part but well drained soil. Pinus aristata 5 20' X 15' Evergreen. Slow growing. Irregular Bristlecone Pine Low Sun shape. White dots on leaves. Pinus contorta 5 25' X 25' Native rounded evergreen. Shore Pine Low Sun Drought and salt tolerant. Pinus contorta murrayana 4 60' X 25' Native evergreen. Slow growing. Murrayana Pine Low Sun Narrow in groves, wide alone. Pinus densiflora 'Pendula' 5 8' X 4' Evergreen. Weeping branches. Light Weeping Japanese Pine Low Sun green needles. Stake for height. Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera' 5 10' X 8' Evergreen. Flattened top. Vase- Tanyosho Pine Low Sun shaped bottom. Pinus heldrichii 'Leucodermis' 4 40' X 20' Evergreen. Slow growing. Long, dark Bosnian Pine Low Sun green needles. Pinus nigra 4 55' X 30' Evergreen. Dense pyramidal crown. Austrian Pine Low Sun Black bark. Pinus parviflora 'Glauca' 4 30' X 20' Evergreen. Bluish green needles Blue Japanese White Pine Low Sun with white spots. Pinus ponderosa 3 100' X 30' Native evergreen. Long needles. Ponderosa Pine Low Sun Black and orange bark. Pinus strobus 3 60' X 25' Pyramidal evergreen. Soft, bluish Eastern White Pine Low Sun needles. Pinus strobus 'Pendula' 4 10' X 10' Evergreen. Weeping shape. Soft, Weeping White Pine Low Sun bluish needles. Pinus sylvestris 2 30' X 20' Evergreen. Irregular shape. Orange Scotch Pine Low Sun bark. Pinus thunbergii 4 70' X 30' Evergreen. Irregular shape. Long, Japanese Black Pine Low Sun dark green needles. Black bark. Platanus acerifolia 5 50' X 40' Fast growing. Flaking bark makes a London Plane Tree Med. Sun colorful trunk. Yellow in fall. Populus nigra 'Italica' 4 60' X 15' Tall, narrow, upright tree. Fast Lombardy Poplar Med. Sun growing. Yellow in fall. Populus tremuloides 3 30' X 15' Native. Leaves flutter in a slight Quaking Aspen Med. Sun-Part breeze. Golden fall leaves. Prunus cerasifera 4 20' X 20' Pink or white flowers in March and Flowering Plum Med. Sun-Part April. Purple leaves. Prunus serrula 5 25' X 20' Red bark peels. Small white flowers Birch Bark Cherry Med. Sun in May. Prunus serrulata 5 15-30'X20' White or pink flowers in April and Japanese Flowerng Cherry Med. Sun-Part May. Red fall leaves. Prunus subhirtella 5 25' X 25' Pink flowers on weeping branches in Weeping Flowering Cherry Med. Sun-Part May. Red fall leaves. Prunus virginiana 2 20' X 20' Native. White flowers in April. Chokecherry Med. Sun Yellow-orange fall leaves. Prunus x yedoensis 5 25' X 25' Light pink flowers in April. Red Yoshino Flowering Cherry Med. Sun-Part fall leaves. Pseudotsuga menziesii 4 200' X 20' Native pyramidal evergreen. Fast Douglas Fir Low Sun growing. Pyrus calleryana 5 30'X15-25' Densely pyramidal shape. White flo- Flowering Pear Med. Sun wers in Spring. Red fall leaves.


Quercus bicolor 4 45' X 45' Leaves are silvery white underneath Swamp White Oak Med. Sun then turn red in the fall. Quercus coccinea 4 50' X 40' Rounded shape. Leaves red in fall, Scarlet Oak Low Low brown in winter. Quercus garryana 6 60' X 30' Native. Tolerates occasional flood- Oregon White Oak Med. Sun ing and drought. Red fall leaves. Quercus palustris 4 55' X 40' Pyramidal shape. Leaves turn red in Pin Oak Low Sun the fall, brown in winter. Quercus rubra 4 50' X 40' Rounded shape. Leaves turn dark red Red Oak Low Sun in fall.


Rhamnus purshiana 4 25' X 20" Native. Veined leaves turn yellow. Cascara Med. Sun-Shade Black berries attract birds. Rhus typhina 4 15' X 15' Open and irregular growth. Red Staghorn Sumac Low Sun-Shade leaves and berries in the fall. Robinia pseudoacacia 'Lace Lady' 4 12' X 15' Deciduous. Contorted twigs and Twisty Baby Black Locust Low Sun leaves. Robinia pseudoacadia 3 40' X 25' Upright oval shape. White, pink or Black Locust Med. Sun purple flowers. Yellow in fall.


Salix alba 'Tristis' 3 40' X 60' Weeping branches. Yellow twigs. Niobe Willow High Sun Yellow fall leaves. Salix babylonica 5 35' X 25' Rounded and weeping shape. Likes Weeping Willow High Sun wet soil. Yellow Fall leaves. Salix discolor 4 10' X 6' Deciduous native. White, fuzzy Pussy Willow High Sun-Part catkins in early spring. Sciadopitys verticillata 5 30' X 20' Evergreen. Long, flattened needles. Umbrella Pine Med. Sun-Part Slow growing. Sequoia sempervirens 7 100' X 20' Evergreen. Reddish bark. Fast Coast Redwood Med. Sun-Shade growing. Sequoiadendron giganteum 6 100' X 30' Narrow evergreen. Fast growing. Giant Sequoia Low Sun Massive trunk. Sequoiadendron giganteum 'Pend.' 6 20' X 5' Evergreen. Narrow column of weeping Weeping Sequoia Low Sun branches. Stake to desired height Sophora japonica 5 45' X 35' White flowers in late summer. Japanese Pagoda Tree Low Sun-Part Insect and disease resistant. Sorbus aucuparia 2 35' X 25' White flowers in Spring. Orange red European Mountain Ash Med. Sun-Part berry clusters in fall. Stewartia pseudocamellia 5 30' X 20' Pyramidal shape. White flowers in Japanese Stewartia Med. Sun-Part Summer. Red fall leaves. Styrax japonicus 5 25' X 20' White flowers in June. White Japanese Snowbell High Sun-Part berries in late summer.


Taxodium distichum 5 55' X 30' Deciduous conifer. Tolerates wet or Bald Cypress Med. Sun fairly dry soil. Thuja occidentalis 3 25' X 6' Evergreen. Narrow tree good for Pyramidal Arborvitae Any Sun hedges and screen. Thuja occidentalis 'Emerald' 4 20' X 4' Evergreen. Dense. Holds bright Emerald Arborvitae Any Sun-Part green color through the winter. Thuja plicata 5 80' X 20' Native evergreen. Narrow with Western Red Cedar Any Sun-Shade drooping branches. Tilia cordata 3 40' X 25' Densely pyramidal. Yellow fall Little Leaf Linden Med. Sun-Part leaves. Trachycarpus fortunei 8 25' X 8' Evergreen. Large fan shaped leaves. Windmill Palm Med. Sun-Part Hairy black fibers on trunk. Tsuga canadensis 4 60' X 20' Pyramidal evergreen. Likes moist Canadian Hemlock Med. Sun-Shade soil. Tsuga heterophylla 4 80' X 25' Native pyramidal evergreen. White Western Hemlock Med. Sun-Part band on bottom of needles. Tsuga mertensiana 4 30' X 15' Native evergreen. Slow growing. Mountain Hemlock Med. Sun-Part Thrives on cool, moist slope.


Ulmus glabra 'Camperdown' 4 10' X 10' Weeping branches that can reach to Camperdown Elm Med. Sun ground. Umbellularia californica 7 25' X 25' Native evergreen. Slow growing. Oregon Myrtle Low Sun-Part Tiny yellow flowers in spring.


Washingtonia robusta 8 50' X 10' Evergreen. Fast growing. Fan shaped Mexican Fan Palm Med. Sun leaves.


Zelkova serrata 5 45' X 30' Replacement for American Elm. Zelkova Med. Sun-Part Yellow fall leaves.

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